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Vintage Gillette Razors most efficient help?

Years ago I tossed an Ol Type into te drawer. The handle was cracked, and solder & other repair methods just didn't work. Pulled it out orf the back of the drawer a couple of years back & decided to build my own handle. I salvaged the handle ends and nickeled a length of brass tubing. It shaves great with about any blade, ranging from Treet Black Beauty to Lab Blues. I've got many other glitzier vintage Gillettes, but this Old Type is forever the go-to for a great shave.
Nice fix,creative.
In my modest collection the NEW SC and LC seem to be the most efficient. I say "seem" because they are so smooth it's hard to tell how efficient they really are.
My votes (it's a tie) go to the Aristocrat Jr. and the Rocket HD 500. Both are somewhat hard to come by but well worth the search. They look like '40s Super Speeds but the shave is far better. Plus, the Brit Gillettes' build quality is terrific. In comparison, the US models look and feel like they were produced by the low-bid contractor.
Modern razors are a big reason I got into wet shaving. . I loved their designs, their looks. But I soon found out that a modern razor that cost me roughly the same as a vintage 1940s to early1960s vintage razor in excellent shape didn't give me near as good a shave. In fact I had to go to the high end modern models to match it. In short, Gillette razors like my 40s Aristocrat and Fat Handle Tech and any from the 50s are practically unmatched.
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