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FS Vintage Gillette Razor Lot

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For sale are 4 vintage Gillette Razors all in very good to excellent shape.

1. Gillette Canadian Khaki Triangle Slot Tech Set from the late 30's into the mid 1940's. The only real imperfection is that there is stains on the outer case. Comes with vintage super thin blades. Missing the mirror sadly but there are/were reproductions. I chose to keep it original as is.
2. Gillette Blue Tip Super Speed, mild shaver. Date code B-2 1956
3. Gillette Gold Ball End Tech. Gold is near mint, looks to have been barely used. Date code A-4 1955
4. Aluminum Tech Made in England. Date code J-1 1964

Asking $67 USD shipped Canada/USA. If tracking is required its an additional $3 just let me know.IMG_2485.JPGIMG_2477.JPG
Blue tip is now withdrawn. If anyone is interested in just the techs I would sell those for $41 USD shipped standard mail, tracking add $3.00
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