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Vintage Gillette case

Does anyone make reproduction cases for Vintage razors? I have a Gillette Aristocrat inbound from Delta Echo, and would like a nice case for it. Any suggestions?
I have been on the bay. Most are either ratty, or too much. Didn't know if anyone made a similar case or reproduction.
I don't know of any reproduction cases so as said ebay may be your only recourse. They are as you said ratty or expensive probably because collectors will buy nice cases to upgrade theirs and pass on the ratty ones.
Do you have photos of the razor?
There is quite a few Gillette Aristocrats and they all come in different cases.
Depending on which Aristocrat, you could look out for unmarked European cases, their dimensions are roughly the same as Gillette cases and they go for rather cheap.
As I restored a few cases, I'm 100% positive that the manufacture of a reproduction would cost more than an original Gillette case (metal stamping, lining, etc.).

I do not have it yet as it is being made by Delta Echo razor works. Their "Cubano" edition. I think I will go with a nice wooden Cuban cigar box to fit the Cubano theme. Thanks for the suggestions...
Check out the local antique malls and flea markets. You might find a complete set for less than you'd pay for just the case on eBay.
I bought an Old Type which looks like it was never used, aside from the full-length crack through the tube, just to get the Aristocrat case it was mismatched with. I think I paid about $10 for the pair at a local antique mall.
ESTY another source for vintage cases. Must check often, be patient, and get lucky. Sometimes (I've) you may had to purchase a cased razor and then sell the razor. Depends on how bad you want to have a compete set.
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