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FS Vintage Double Edge Razor Blade Lot (Schick, Perma Sharp, Gillette, Personna)

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For sale USA/Canada:

125- Schick Super Chromium blades
20- Perma Sharp Super+ Platinum (also produced blades for stores private label like Personna)
5- Schick Super Stainless (a great thread on here about these)
10- Gillette Platinum (European version)
5- Personna Super Platinum Chrome (every bit as good as 74's just don't last quite as long)

165- Amazing NOS vintage blade assortment in total.

Asking $110 USD shipped USA/Canada

Any questions feel free to PM me I'm very reasonable to deal with.

To sweeten the deal for anyone interested as it is now holiday season: I'll also throw in some rare and well-known holy grail vintage blades, a 5 pack of Wilkinson Sword Light Brigades.

Would love to see these go to a good new home.

Reduced: Now $99 USD shipped USA/Canada
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