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Vintage DE's vs Modern DE's

What's your preference Vintage or Modern DE razors?

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My exploding razor knows secrets
This isn't a binary choice for me, as I enjoy different things in modern and vintage DE; they're both in my rotation at the same time, just sorted or alternated by intensity of aggression.

In modern DE, such as Razorock/Wolfman/Timeless/Tatara..., I like the quality of their precision machining and excellent materials. This is the answer for engineers to perfectly present the design details, so the user will know that this is an absolutely reliable tool.

In vintage DE, I appreciate all kinds of wonderful creativity and weird designs, which are the crystallization of people's high degree of wisdom without reference.
Whether it is Travalong/Krect Sprial Curve/Williams/Gillette adjustable (TTO)/Psycho... they all make me amazed.

I enjoy the shaving pleasure brought by various carefully designed DE.
For my part, I can say that Gillette Old Type is the zero benchmark against which other razors can be compared. That is, whether the company managed to produce a better razor over time or not.) Most, for me, lose in these comparisons.
I've been at this for over ten years now and I can solidly set myself into the modern category. Both the Henson Ti22++ and the Blutt .99 are my most regular use razors.

I do have a soft spot for what I will call modern vintage, now out of production razors made in the 21st century like the Merkur Vision, Weber razor, ATT S1.
After reading this post I was inspired to find my Slim. Woah, what crazy balance - or lack there of. I didn't remember that the head was 40 times heavier than the handle. But it gave me a good shave, so I guess it didn't matter.
Yes, the Slim is top heavy, but for me its light overall weight prevents that from being a problem. The exposed side tabs, however, are a major negative for me. OTOH, this and many other vintage models rank high on the "cool" factor in addition to giving good shaves so it's easy to see why they are popular collectibles.
Gillette's development route is right, from tech to tto, brass materials, hollow handles, as tools can choose vintage, but if you like boutique, suggest some Hyundai brands......


My exploding razor knows secrets
Gillette's development route is right, from tech to tto, brass materials, hollow handles, as tools can choose vintage, but if you like boutique, suggest some Hyundai brands......

Allow me to post a photo to help illustrate why I love to shaving with modern and vintage style, but am also passionate about collecting unusual vintage style razors.

Precisely because retro is weird, unusual, and filled with imaginative solutions to problems... that goes far beyond just following the successful Gillette formula.

When we look at the ingenuity of the razor itself, we can enjoy a pleasure that goes beyond the shaving effect, and the sensory experience will go beyond simply comparing exquisite goods/non-exquisite goods.

Even the $2 Gillette Super Click is fun. In addition to perfect alignment, we can see that the cover has buckles on both ends, so there is no need to worry about the plastic hinge breaking; the interior is fully hollow and has good drainage; the ultra-light weight makes this shaver not afraid of any drops, even a Great travel razor.

I did not list the creativity of the Modern Razor purely because there are already many threads discussing contemporary products. In fact, I have privately praised Tatara many times for their engineering innovations on the Muramasa.
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I started off with modern - timeless and wolfman.
Once I tried a vintage Gillette NEW, I was hooked though.
Sold off the moderns and collected NEWs.
Next to the NEWs, my other favorite is the English Aristocrat # 15. All so smooth and efficient without being too aggressive. I love how compact they are compared to modern razors too. They are like little jewel pieces in my opinion.
I prefer modern razors, they provide a smoother shave imo. I've never got a smooth henson like shave from a classic Gillette.. But I appreciate many of the Gillette classic razors like the fatboy and skim. It's amazing that they were able to sell these razors so cheaply back in the day. I also feel that vintage razors are just to pricey these days..It costs a good amount for a decent vintage razor, and time you waste finding a decent one that fits your needs
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I loved my Aristocrat, until it quit on me. I moved to my Fatboy and thought it was pretty great. I stopped going for anything really close though - just a nice fairly smooth, comfortable shave was good enough. WTG, XTG and done. I would have been more aggressive with the Aristocrat.

Just for fun I recently tried a Feather ASD2 and man, loaded with a Feathers blade, this thing is the real deal. Now I make passes WTG, XTG and ATG on my cheeks/face for a BBS finish there. It is an awesome razor - and with a simple three piece construction, one that will outlive me by a long way.

I’m going to buy 2 more and put them away for my 2 boys.

I prefer the TTO element of the Fatboy, and I liked the idea of the Fatboy - I mean hey it’s over 60 years old and still doing a great job - but hand on heart the ASD2 is the razor for me.
I have come to the realization from my +5 years of wet shaving with DE razors that I have stopped using my vintage razors (I have over 60 total) regularly unless I force myself for nostalgia sake.

I reach for modern DE razors due to closer shaves, takes less focus, and efficiency (Blackbird, Wolfman 1.25 WR2, Charcoal goods Lvl 2, OC Timeless .98 are a few of my regulars).

Sidenote: I barely use creams since I shave right after I shower.
The WR2 1.25 is my only razor at this point, I keep trying others and always come back to the WR2 1.25
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