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Vintage DE's vs Modern DE's

What's your preference Vintage or Modern DE razors?

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I've been working hard over the last year to improve my prep and technique, and I'm now finding that I get at least a good shave regardless of the razor. What differs is the sustainability for daily shaves, and that's where the mildness of many vintage razors appeals to me.

Plus, I'm a historian by nature, and the emotional satisfaction I get from "shaving with history" is far higher than I'd get from having a Wolfman or Lambda in my collection. I do admire those gorgeous razors from afar, though.
I have them lined up and go right down the line, each day. I like some of my Vintage and some of my Modern, but know I don't need all of them! (Bad habit.... but least of my troubles, LOL )
I'm a vintage guy...both in age and in razors! I've tried a few modern razors and they work fine but there's something special about getting a great shave from a razor that was manufactured 20 or 30 years before your birth (and I was born in 1946!). One vintage thing I won't use is blades! I'm glad that high-quality DE, SE, and Injector blades are still being manufactured and easily available.


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I'm a vintage guy too... I mean.... I am 71 years old and certainly qualify. I often think... all my "modern" razors will one day be Vintage as well.

I've used mostly modern razors this past 2 and a half years. I only recently dipped my toes back into the Vintage stream. I'm fortunate... I followed advice I received here from many people and all 5 Vintage razors are providing me relaxing, smooth, comfortable yet close shaves...

I didn't cast a vote. I'm glad we don't have to limit ourselves to either unless we so choose.
I think some vintages work better than others. Some moderns work better than others. Everything is relative. With that being said I think the cnc machined moderns have a slight edge at the end ranges. This doesn’t mean you can’t achieve a phenomenal shave with vintage. If it works it works
Both are great, but it really depends on the person. Me? I prefer modern, but I wouldn't argue with anyone who likes to shave with vintage razors. The cool factor of the vintage razors is that they are imho a bit nicer when it comes to collecting them. Especially the really hard to find ones in pristine, mint or NOS condition.

I first started using vintage razors and I've shaved with nearly all Gillette models and combination, except for the really rare ones like Bottom Dial Fatboy, Red Dot Fatboy, Chrome/Serial Toggle, Double Ring etc. as well as quite a few razors from other brands from all around the world. Then, after a while I've lost interest after trying nearly everything the vintage world could offer me and of course what I was able to afford and started to use modern razors to see what's the fuss all about and soon after I've realised that they are just as good, but in some cases even more efficient and offer so much more.

At first, I kept most of the ''cool'' vintage razors that I cared about, but at some point they didn't seem that cool to me anymore and I slowly started selling them and now I'm only using modern razors with the hopes of finding the one or the few and I plan to try a few more razors and see how they perform and then sell nearly all of the modern razors that I have left and be done. I'm not quite sure when that will happen though, but I have fait that one day I will beat my RAD once and for all.
I voted vintage because 90% of my 80+ DE razors are vintage mostly Gillette. Most of my new stuff is budget level and are great shavers. To me that stamped "MADE IN USA" is a point of pride, made by American workers with quality materials. It something you don't see anymore and when you do its cost a heck of lot more than for example the 20 to 30 dollars you can get a nickel plated brass Gillette slim adjustable. I've started to at modern made in USA stainless razors but most I would have to save up for.
It’s worth trying both. I really like my modern slants and get along well with the Above the tie style safety bar. However the Gillette safety bar gets the most attention from me. Razorock Lupo, gamechanger, Wolfman WR2, Edwin Jagger, all are a bit “meh” for me.


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I'm glad we don't have to limit ourselves to either unless we so choose.
I did not take this thread to mean that one limits themselves to one or the other. I do shave with a vintage razor probably around 30 to 40 percent of the time. I love the nostalgia and mojo of shaving with a vintage. But in reality, for me at least, a highly engineered modern razor will shave better than a vintage razor 99.5% of the time. And since this is a hobby for me, that is okay, and I don’t always have to get the most efficient shave every time. There are other factors that make a shave pleasurable.


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Modern. But then, many of my most beloved "modern" razors are close copies of vintage designs. The Yaqi Harlequin comes to mind.

I believe in taking the best design elements of vintage razors and combining them with modern CNC, stainless steel or titanium.

Also, on a very personal level: my mother used to collect antiquities. So I still have many over a hundred year old paintings, furniture. But did she ever bother getting a sword or knight armor? Of course not. And no razors either, I have some Merkurs from my father who might have had them from his father, as they were in a drawer.


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I suspect that part of the difficulty with the answer is a question of which razors we've owned. While it's not expensive to collect a few vintage razors, how many people are going to invest thousands of dollars for the same sized top end razors? Some do, unquestionably, but I suspect some will answer without ever owning/using a top shelf razors.
My daily driver is a black aluminum General. I do use my vintage razors from time to time, but I find my results are just better with the General and the Feather Professional ... the blade seems to last forever. Even now, the blade in use is 3 weeks old - and still produces acceptable results.

(I wish they still made this razor - I would hate for it to break if I dropped it)
Sorry to follow the herd, but I too vote for modern over vintage. But I'm strictly a sub-$100 razor guy. I shudder to think what my father would think of $400-$500 razors. So I can't claim any special expertise on the subject. One major negative (for me) with vintage Gillette razors is the exposed side tabs. YMMV.


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After reading this post I was inspired to find my Slim. Woah, what crazy balance - or lack there of. I didn't remember that the head was 40 times heavier than the handle. But it gave me a good shave, so I guess it didn't matter.
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