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Vintage DE sale: Kirby Beard, Mirabilia, Olyfa, Aristocrat #19, Sonnal set, Henso, Rocket TV Special, vintage blade banks

Offering these razors/sets from my collection. Please see description and all pictures for condition and let me know if you need more.

Discount considered when buying more. First buyer to PM full buy commitment gets. Payment by bank transfer preferred, else Paypal. Buyer chooses shipping method and owns risk. I am in Europe/EU. Standard worldwide shipping with tracking 20 EUR, can send a bit cheaper without tracking (10-15 EUR) depending on weight (I only ship carefully well wrapped in solid box, adds to the weight).

Thanks for looking.

1935 Kirby, Beard & Co set (France) (scalloped head, slim art deco handle), full set, rare - 300 EUR
This is a fine full example of a set not seen often. Razor in great condition, case is not perfect but very nice still, closes fine.

1940s Olyfa (France), full set, superb condition set, wrapped blades - 130 EUR
Rarely seen in this superb condition. Original blades still wrapped. Mild razor.

1930s Mirabilia solid bar, razor only (Italy), rare - 300 EUR
Very rare and sought after razor by the cognoscenti, beautiful art deco style, “the Italian Darwin”. 3 original blades and empty pack included.

1930s Gillette Aristocrat #19 set FOR REFURBISHMENT - 50 EUR
This set is very rare but it is a wreck. Check out the pics. The razor needs TLC, does not open well and the plating is gone, but the teeth are pretty straight and the alignment seems acceptable. The case has been reglued on the outside, is far from perfect. And I swapped parts of the innards to rebuild another case. But all parts should be more or less there, so if you are a craftsman there could be a good start to an original and rare set. Note that the gold blade banks are generic, not Gillette branded (came with the set when I bought it).

1930s Sonnal (Germany/Solingen) w/ original cardboard box, good user grade - 50 EUR
Rare art deco set. Solid user grade with marks here and there. Comes in original cardboard box.

1930s Gillette Popular #47, CASE ONLY - 30 EUR
Good condition case for that nickel or silver Popular razor, lid logo imprint well preserved. Closes fine, spring is intact.
Note that bakelite #46 case seen in the pics is not available.

Other offers
1958 Gillette Rocket TV Special, rhodium handle, fine condition - 30 EUR
1930s Henso, by JA Henckels (Germany), Tripple silver replate by Chris Evatt - 130 EUR
1940s Shake Sharp Mk 2, full set (US), good condition - 35 EUR
1940s? Small blade bank, made in UK - 40 EUR
1940s? Large blade bank, made in US - 40 EUR

Kirby, Beard & Company - slim art deco handle


Mirabilia + original blades
Gillette Popular case #47 (nickel) (Note that the white case is not available)


Gillette Rocket Flare Tip TV Special, ShakeSharp (Note that the shown Senator is not available)

Olyfa, Sonnal

Gillette Aristocrat #19 for restoration


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First and last price drop:
  • Kirby, Beard & Co set now 240 EUR
  • Mirabilia now 240 EUR
  • Olyfa (France), full set now 115 EUR
  • Gillette Rocket TV Special now 25 EUR
  • 1930s Gillette Popular #47 case only now 20 EUR
  • 1940s? Large blade bank, made in US now 30 EUR
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