Vintage (carbon) injector blades

Discussion in 'Single Edged Razors' started by Galaktus, Jul 11, 2019.

    On a whim, I decided to try one today. I am currently on a run with a Schick Stick and a Proline blade, was 12 shaves into it. I have a brass injector blade cartridge that came with my cased E2.
    So I lathered up, loaded a blade in the E2, and started shaving. It seemed sharp enough, but I certainly felt the blade at work. I found myself having to use a bit of pressure to make the shave work. I got my WTG pass done on both cheeks and upper lip, and decided not to push my luck any further. I went back to the Stick, and completed shave 13 with it. The difference in the amount of pressure NOT needed with the modern blade was astounding.
    I guess it was a fun experiment, but I won't be using vintage carbon blades again. Never tried the vintage stainless blades though.
  1. The vintage stainless blades that I have used were fine, but I agree that, with the exception of a couple of the vintage blades like the Personna P74 and the schick Krona, the Chicks and Japanese Schick blades are superior. The vintage carbon blades have probably deteriorated over the years. I remember using the Gillette blue blades (probably carbon) when I was beginning to shave, and they were awful compared to modern stainless blades.
  2. Vintage stainless are among the best blades ever made.
  3. Someday I'll pick up a pack and try them.
  4. I have used all the classic "Golden Age" injector blades including the P74 and there is one that stands with the Proline: the NOS Gillette Platinum Plus injector blade.

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