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Vintage Brushtopia.

Ran accross this craigslist lot that you brush guru's may be interested in.



(I am not affiliated in any way, just passing on)

That's fantastic and I sure wish it were closer to Houston.

I wonder if he has any other shave stuff.

I lust for brushes.
I think there is a Hoffritz brush or something. If I were in the sellers shoes I will sell them on the bay. I hope their condition is not bad.
Man, that display case alone has me drooling! Way better than the white plastic ones I've seen here and there.
I can't afford that now but if I had the cash...Shazaam! Whomsoever gets that needs to keep us all up to date. There looks to be a bunch of nice brushes in there. It's hard to tell but boar and badger with some very nice handles. The display alone is outstanding!
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