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Vintage blades - o.k. to use?

With some DEs that I've bought, there usually has been included in the package one or two vintage blades from various manufacturers such as Craftsman, Gillette Blue, Thin Gillette, Burma Shave, etc.

I'm not a blade collector so they don't have any real value to me, so I was wondering if it was o.k. to use these old blades. They appear to be NOS and still in their wrapper. Are they comparable to the Merkurs, Feathers, Personnas and other modern blades? Does anyone else shave with these vintage blades and if so, how do they perform?
I wouldn't. The idea of it alone makes my skin crawl. Sanitation is a huge issue. Also, the blade's edge will most likely have been compromised over the years. It is, of course, a decision that each man must make for himself, but I can't imagine the risk being worth the 15-50 cents that a modern blade costs.
I agree with Kyle. My concern would be the sanitary issue, the aging of the blade and the quality of an older blade.

It's not worth the risk or aggravation of a poor shave.

Thanks for the info. That's pretty much what I figured. Who knows how or where they were stored. I'll just stick to the new modern blades.
I've tried shaving with vintage blades and the results were very poor. Even if in the factory wrapper the steel oxides enought to take the keeness from the edge. My 1sy post here and my $.02. Bob.
Just follow the advice of the previous Samurai .... except using a Feather. ( im pretty scared of Feathers and I have some shave experience now but these def. need a different technique. )

Id advice you out of all the blades I tried sofar go safe and smooth yet not too sharp go with ISraeli personnas (ebay) or Lord blades.

If you havent tried or used these before I can send you one or two of each of these blades. before you laydown money to go for a 100 deal your from Germany ? if so should be there fast im from NL ? just PM me.
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