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Vintage Blades Grand Prize Giveaway

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:a50: :a50: Step right up!

OK B&B'ers. Hold on to your Fatboys because you are not gonna believe this one.

Everyone at B&B knows our good friend Jim at VintageBlades,LLC, right? Of course you do. :biggrin:

Well, when we told Jim about our month-long B&B Carnival celebration he just couldn't wait to participate. And boy are we glad that he did!

Take a look at what VintageBlades, LLC has put together for some lucky member of B&B.

Go ahead. Press the button. I dare ya. :wink:


o Vintage Style "Butterfly" Saftey Razor (22R)
o Feather Hi-Stainless, Platinum Coated, DE Blades
o Rooney Heritage Stubby 2 Shaving Brush
o Castle Forbes Pre-Shave (Unscented & Water Soluble)
o Castle Forbes Lime Essential Oil Shaving Cream
o Castle Forbes Lime Essential Oil Aftershave Balm
o Castle Forbes Keig Eau de Parfum

Quite the set-up there, wouldn't you say. Thanks Jim!

Well, now that your all excited and your palms are all sweaty let's see what you have to do to win this fabulous prize.

Excited yet? I sure hope so.
We are going to make this very simple. All you have to do is reply to this thread and the number of your post will be your entry into this Raffle. In your reply, all we would like you to do is thank Jim at Vintage Blades for putting this together. Not too much to ask to qualify you for such a package, huh?

You are allowed only one entry. If you enter more than once you will be disqualified.

One last important detail.

Due to the contents of this prize and USPS restrictions, this prize is only being offered to CONUS members. We truly apologize to our overseas members. Finally (can we say it together?), if there is any belly-aching or complaining you are disqualified. So, DON'T.
Now get to posting. You have until Sunday at 12:00 Noon PST to get your entry in.
Holy Crap Jim!

I think generous offering is an understatement. Thanks for the opportunity to even have a shot at this.
Muchisimas Gracias for your suport of Badger and Blades and your fantastic customer service. Gracias to Erin too
Jim's customer service is impeccable; one the very best vendors associated with B&B.

What a generous offer! Bravo, sir, bravo.
Jim, thank you soooo much for putting together such a wonderful prize together. It is truly awesome. Unfortunately, I don't I'll be winning such a grand prize with my lowly(in comparison) post count. Good luck to everyone, though. I still hope I win.:blushing:
Wow! Thanks to Jim at Vintage Blades for putting together such a great prize package. This is something that everyone would love to have. Great offering :)
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