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Vintage barber items. Any idea what this bottle was used for?

I bought a bulk lot of vintage and modern barber items. Most of the group was a pretty straight forward mix of shaving brushes and mugs (there was a brush in there I wanted). There was also this little tin-looking bottle that stands about 3.5 inches tall. When i unscrew it the cap seems to have a needle in it. Any idea what this would be used for? Some type of blood letting?

I bet you're right. It does have a very faint smell that could be oil. Thanks. I was really stumped by that one.
Here is the lot.


Towards the center of the middle row is the metal brush, the bottom half anyway, that I wanted. I recognized it as a Rubberset model 543. I like those little guys. This is from a 1929 ad for one:

$543_1 [1929].jpg

Cool find. Shows the rest of the lot.
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