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Discussion in 'Aftershaves' started by HoosierTrooper, Jan 29, 2011.

    I know there are fans of Avon products here so I thought I'd share. Found this full bottle of Spicy for, as you can see, the princely sum of $1.50 at a Goodwill store. If you look closely you can see the layer of dust still visible. The screw off lid was so tight I wasn't sure it would even come off without breaking it.

    The piece of tape has some writing on it that I can't make out, possibly from a yard sale many years ago.

    Smells great! Very similar to Old Spice, maybe just a tad less strong.


  1. I love finding them with the after shave still in them, and at a price like that I just have to say I definetly would have snatched it too. I never find them under 6 usually.
  2. Nice bottle. Hope you have a prominent place set out for in in your den
  3. Spicy was a FINE aftershave :thumbup1:
    I have a couple bottles of it myself....may use it tonight due to your post.
  4. When I was just a wee lad, I used to think all those fancy bottles on the barber's shelf must contain pure liquid magic. :001_cool:

    I just picked this one up last week, full and still in the box...

    BONUS: It smells awesome!
  5. Very nice! I've found a few empty Wild Country decanters, I remember using it back in probably the 80's.

  6. I lucked up and found 28 FULL Avon AS bottles from the seventies a couple years back :thumbup: For TWENTY BUCKS at a flea mkt and all of em still fresh! I will be living in the seventies for a while.
  7. Time to break out the bell bottoms and tie dyed shirts!
  8. I recently found a Touring 'T' in goodwill for $3. Still full of Deep Woods. :thumbup:
  9. Nice bottle. I think the vintage Avon aftershaves had some of the most interesting bottles around.
  10. That's a cool bottle! I found one of these:


    from 1965 at an antique mall this weekend.
  11. Found some more Avon. This one was $2 and is full of Windjammer, kind of a mild fragrance. I like it.


  12. I feel compelled to use Spicy or Deep Woods tonight!
  13. OK, this is getting fun now. Yesterday evening found two more at local thrift stores. The Whale Oil Lamp is full up to the top row of beads, 85-90% I'd guess, with Wild Country and you can see the level of Oland in the chess piece. Not really sure I care for the Oland scent but for $1 I couldn't pass it up. The Wild Country was setting with several empty Avon decanters priced at $1.49, not really sure why it was only 69 cents.


  14. Nice! :thumbup1:

    I've got another on the way but my son has already claimed it. :blink:

    I will get some pictures though. It's one I remember my father having in the bathroom when I was young. :biggrin1:
  15. I found this full bottle of Avon Tribute today at an antique mall for 50 cents!
  16. thatÂ’s old school :thumbup:
  17. I'm inspired to hit the antique shops here in Braselton now. I've hit two so far, and I grabbed this fun decanter full of Wild Country. Fore!
  18. I love the golf bag bottle!:thumbup:
  19. I found 15 Avon bottles this week but they were all empty. :sad:

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