Vintage Aramis?

Discussion in 'Fragrance' started by sharpstar90, Feb 14, 2019.

    For months I've been eyeing the Aramis at Walmart. $48.50, must be pretty good, right? I found a bottle online for $15 and I really liked it.

    For some reason, I got it in my head that I needed another bottle. Why, no idea, I have a problem and I tend to hoard things; like many of you fine gentlemen do. I got it from a different seller on ebay. Immediately I regretted it. Why do I need two bottles of Aramis? I don't! It doesn't matter how cheap it is! But what's done is done, and I can't send it back.

    Well, the package for the 2nd bottle came tonight. I opened it up and saw that the box looked pretty gnarly. What the...then the bottle had these streaks and deposits, almost like salt. "Explains why it was so cheap" I thought.

    I wanted to see if the juice had gone bad in this gnarly bottle so I sprayed it on. And what did I smell? Pure, gorgeous, potent OAKMOSS!

    That's right, this $15.00 bottle of Aramis was pre-reformulation vintage! I smelled it side by side with the modern one I had bought first. So much better than the new stuff! Where the old was herbal, leathery and intense, the new stuff had a note almost like sunscreen or lotion. I lucked out big time with my hoarder's instinct.

    So I went on ebay and bought another bottle...God, I really should see a therapist!
  1. I think you've found your therapy. That's what I'd go with, anyway. Congrats on the score.
  2. Get in line! There's hundreds of us already waiting to see "her". lol
  3. Thanks, man! I'm probably saving money with this kind of therapy!
  4. Haha! Yeah, and how good is "she" anyway?! Not good enough to break this habit. Btw, when you said "her", I immediately pictured Will Farrell's therapist from Step Brothers. You know, the one he fixated on and kept telling everyone was his girlfriend? Hilarious!

    That scene where he bursts into the house dressed as a lumberjack. Gets me every time! Lol!
  5. I recently bought a bottle of vintage Aramis myself, it was my dad's go to cologne from at least the 1970's on up. I remember as a teen using some of dad's before going on dates or social functions, it was always very popular with the girls. Fast Forward to a month ago, running low on what ever my girlfriend bought me last, I began reminiscing for what ever reason about Aramis.
    I wasn't even sure they still made it, but after a quick search I had a bottle on the way, needless to say it is STILL a huge hit with the lady's! My girlfriend says it smells "like a fresh clean MAN". I have had several other women comment on how good it smells and a few of my male friends have asked about it as well.
  6. careful.. I have two bottles of vintage Aramis Devin.. the first one I thought was "ok" but nothing to write home about. Curious, because others claimed to smell top notes that I was simply not smelling. Then I picked up another mini out of curiosity and this is where I found the top notes! Like a different cologne. So just goes to show, you have to be careful with vintages. I'm guessing the larger one wasn't stored well and the top notes burned off or something.

  7. Ad Astra

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    Oakmoss rules.

    I actually got the oakmoss and treemoss essential oils, and have used them to make pungent shaving stuff.

    EU nanny state, go jump.

  8. This is the Classic/Vintage Aramis I was referring to....

  9. Yeah, it's the oxygen to juice ratio. Unless the vintage bottle is full, there's a good chance it has oxidized. Even with that, theres still a chance of it turning. I was relieved the vintage Royal Copenhagen I ust got was good. But it turned from blue to a grayish color!

    The wonderful thing about this Aramis is that it's from a traceable batch. I looked it up and it was May 2010, a year or two before the helicopter mommies and daddies banned our sacred oakmoss.

    How do you like the Devin, btw? I have heard great things.
  10. Yeah, go jump! we're adults and we can look after ourselves. It's seriously hobbled the perfume industry.
  11. Does it make you feel like it used to? I get a lot of stuff from cologne from the past that nothing else can bring up for me the same way.
  12. Ad Astra

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    I like the vintage 80s Paco Rabanne, myself.

    Apparently I'm not allergic; I've added oakmoss directly to a Williams puck and it made it a super-high-test fougere soap!

  13. Ad Astra

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    Yup; got one of those from "the day."

  14. Yes it does, seems certain fragrances and music take me back to particular points in life.
  15. Very mossy, with a very green herbal + citrus opening. I haven't given it a proper wearing. Once I decant a little into a sprayer, I'll post a review. The older, possibly oxidized bottle is pretty much just a sweet moss, without any of the herbal/citrus top notes. Now that I know what it should smell like, I don't think the older bottle will see much action.
    I think I'll stick to buying full bottles of anything vintage from now on.. (though partials of anything Avon have been fine so far)
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    I haven’t used Aramis since the early 1990’s. I loved it then. A little expensive for me these days but I might get a voucher one day to use.

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