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Vintage Aqua Velva Travel Bottle?

I found this travel size bottle today in an antique store. PIcked it up for a buck. Couldn't pass on it.

Is that only 1/2 oz in size?? I have seen 1.75 oz ones before, but a half ounce one is tiny!!

Anyway, the gift/travel bottles are pretty sweet!! I have a couple of Skin Bracer ones.
I've got one of those AV minis! Mine came in a little travel kit from Delta Airlines, together with a single Gillette Super Stainless blade, a P2 Travel Tech (NOS with paper blade insert), and a few other vintage goodies (that's Mum cream deodorant hiding under the comb):


About 1/3 of the blue juice is gone via evaporation, although I'm sure none of this stuff has been used. I'm not sure about layering English Leather hair dressing with the scent of AV Ice Blue anyway. :)
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