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Vintage and unusual aftershaves: Post your photos

I'm having an issue with the camera function on my phone so I'll post pics asap but my vintage aftershaves are a Yardley Black Label a/s & cologne set from either the 50s of the 60s, ( not sure when the line was introduced ) and a large unused bottle of their English Lavender from as near as I can tell, the 40s. The label matches the soap I have from that decade so I'm basing my guess on that. I'm not as well versed in their aftershave as their soaps of which I have one or two unused examples from every decade starting in the 1930s. The other vintage aftershave are a couple of Houbigants and if being discontinued counts as vintage a couple of bottles of Floid Blue. Also have a small bottle of specially Christmas decorated Clubman from the 1970s meant for barbers as gifts for their customers. My energies up to now have been directed at collecting vintage soaps and blades which I use but I'm dipping my toes into vintage a/s now.
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I'm not sure what year it was that they switched AV to plastic.. but since my big glass 7oz is approaching the end, I had to track down his little glass brother, and happily it didn't cost me an arm and a leg.

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