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Vintage and unusual aftershaves: Post your photos

The Nid Hog

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Some great pics! I'd love to have that Dunhill. The Stephen's Alpine really takes me back too. I remember my barber using that when I was a kid.
Apparently Stanley Home Products is still around, and has been making a/s of questionable quality since the '60s. I bought this today b/c it was full and the bottle is really cool - reminds me of the Green Lantern's lantern. Upon comparison, scent is a definite knockoff of Hai Karate, only sweeter and less complex (I know, why would you do that :001_huh: ). Now to go back tomorrow and get the Amway a/s sitting there...it smelled like burnt leaves. :bored:
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Huh. I didn't Avon ever made a Bay Rum. How does it smell?
Superior to Pinaud's, imo, but I've not tried any of the other modern brands. Avoid the 1980 version, though, too much vanilla (unless you like vanilla).
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I know nothing about this CLOSE stuff...I'm guessing early '80s?

Bottom pic posted just because it's so dang silly.


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Great thread. Great pics. Where's Dinder when you need him?

I can still remember as a little kid, playing with the cap from my Dad's bottle of Roman Brio.
from a yard sale at a church down the street... Halston 101 - a hot item in the early/mid '80s, apparently. Won awards for being cat's jammies in Men's scents (limited - ????) and for the ad campaign. Couldn't have been TOO hot though, for it was discontinued after not-too-long a run, apparently.

nice scent - piny-evergreeny... not for summer, maybe.
re Black Garter Musk

Anyone know this stuff? Google tells me nothing. Not sure I wanna open it.
hmmm... you must try it, of course.

there is also a non-musk Black Garter for men - by the company that made Red Garter for women (of course) - Jartiere Rouge, Ltd. - not much information out there!

Here's a few more after shaves that some of you may have used back in the day. All are full bottles.

First up would be the world famous High Seas Conditioning After Shave. This is from the early 70s, and Adam West did a commercial for the stuff.

Next is some what I believe to be an older vintage Brut. I base that guess on the box design, which I don't think has been made for a while. Truthfully I can't be sure about it's age, so who knows......heh.

Last treasure is a bottle of Hai Karate 'Oriental Spice' After Shave. The bottle I have is dated 1966-69, and this fragrance was introduced in 1968. Pretty nice scent to that, I have to say.

Hope you enjoy the pics,

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