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FS Vintage and Modern Razors

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Twelve modern and vintage razors for sale. FREE CONUS shipping with any order of $30 or more. Otherwise, please add $5 for CONUS shipping. First class international shipping worldwide available for $23.50, regardless of amount ordered. No trades please.

The modern razors are all “catch and release” razors -- tried them for 5-7 shaves and decided not to put them in the rotation -- that present “as new”. For the two vintage razors (#2 and #9), please see the descriptions.

PM me any interest, and it would help a lot if you would put the name of the razor in the subject line of your PM. Thanks for looking!

If you would like additional photos of an individual razor, just ask.

Top Row L-R:

1. RazoRock Stainless Steel Hawk SE Artist Club in gunmetal finish. Comes with box and an assortment of 100 AC blades in sealed packages: 40 Feather Professional; 40 Feather Professional Super; 20 Kai Captain Titan Mild. As new. $100 for the razor and blades.

2. EverReady Model 1924 “Shovel Head”. Functionally tip-top with no damage to blade stops, hinges, or comb. Cosmetically challenged with a significant spot of brassing on the head (see photo). No corrosion that I can see; just doesn’t look that pretty anymore. The box is in good shape. No blade bank. $20

3. RazoRock Teck II. As new. No box. $5.

Middle Row L-R:

4. Fatip Testina Gentile with box. As new. An all-brass beauty of a razor. $22.

5. iKon Shavecraft 101 head (iKon’s heavy & dense aluminum alloy) with Maggard MR7 stainless steel handle. With box. As new. $30.

6. Parker 99R with box. Twist to open. As new. $20.

Bottom Row L-R:

7. Fendrihan Scientist V1.0. This is an all stainless steel DE razor. It’s the first iteration of the Scientist, which is more aggressive than the V2.0. Presents as new with box. $25.

8. RazoRock Standard head (all stainless) with black “Diamond Like Coating” paired with iKon stainless steel handle, which I believe is the OSS version. As new with box. $65.

9. Gillette Pre-War (triangle slot) Fat Handle Tech. Really nice one with no brassing, pitting or corrosion. $15.

10. Maggard V3 head on Maggard MR7 stainless steel handle. As new with box. $10.

11. Feather Popular TTO with case and sealed tuck of Feather Hi-Stainless blades. As new. $10.

12. RazoRock 37 German Slant with box. As new. $12.

8. iKon Standard DLC w/ iKon stainless handle (w/ RazoRock box). Please note that the original post incorrectly calls this a RazoRock razor. It is not. It is an iKon razor.

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EDIT: Please note that the original post (which I cannot edit) identifies #8 as a RazoRock Standard DLC. That is an error. It's an iKon Standard DLC. It's just the box that is RazoRock. Sorry for the error.
#8 iKon Standard has been sold.
#5 iKon Shavecraft has been sold.
#3 RazoRock Teck II has been sold.
#10 Maggard V3 has been sold.

Still available:

#2 EverReady Shovel Head.
#6 Parker 99R.
#9 Gillette Pre-war Fat Handle Tech.
#11 Feather Popular.
#12 RazoRock 37 German Slant.
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