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"Vincent razor"- What shaves like a Vincent, but better quality?

I have a Vincent and love how it shaves.
I have been able to try multiple razors, mostly Gillette and Merkur, some quite expensive, but the best shave I get is from a $7.99 Vincent.
Is there a razor that shaves the same, but with better quality?
The Vincent is a sort of knockoff of a knockoff (Weishi) of the all-metal Gillette Super Speed models.

Generally speaking, they have a poor reputation. In a clear example of YMMV, you're satisfied and ain't nothing bad 'bout that.

If you like Vincent, you should try a genuine Super Speed. They mostly work as well as ever; old-fashioned USA technological prowess that makes my 1964 model as good as any ax in my armory.

The Vincent you enjoy might be an unusually well-made example; buy more and be prepared for shoddy merchandise.

Certainly I recommend the Gillette and the Merkur family too. (Merkurs also have some QC issues, but not like most Chinese-made razors or the Parkers which are from India.) Be sure to try different blades in each piece; the varied results are sometimes surprising; a blade or razor you held to be crappy may pick up points in a different combination.

Happy hunting!

It works for you? Wonderful! But caveat emptor!
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