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Viking Revolution Peppermint & Eucalyptus shave cream - A review

I've become more interested in peppermint scented shave cream after enjoying TOBS Peppermint and AOS Peppermint. An internet search turned up the Viking Revolution Peppermint & Eucalyptus. I didn't see any reviews on it in B&B, so I thought I would dive in and give it a try. After using it twice, I want to report my results.

First, my shave pattern is that I shave every day except weekend days were we have no social engagements. My typical shave is 3.5 passes - WTG, ATG, XTG outside in, and XTG neck only inside out. Yes, it's a lot of passes, but it works for me based on how my whiskers grow. I always use a pre-shave oil consisting of 50% Grapeseed oil, 25% Jojoba oil, and 25% Almond oil. I always lather in a scuttle. I rotate brushes and razors, which I'll note below.

Shave #1

Razor is a 1948-1950 Gillette Super Speed. Blade is a new Shark. Brush is a Made-Rite 150 with a boar knot. I used a large almond-sized amount of the product, and about a tablespoon of hot water at the bottom of the bowl.

I was barely able to whip up enough lather for the 3.5 passes, resulting in a fairly thin layer of lather for all passes. There is barely any peppermint scent noticeable at all, and only when applying the lather to the face with the brush. Otherwise, nothing. There was very little slickness from the lather, and definitely no residual slickness after the pass was complete. While I was able to get my fairly usually BBS shave, my face was irritated at the end because of the lack of protection from the lather. Not a good start at all.

Shave #2

Razor is a 1957 Gillette Red Tip. Blade is a Shark with one shave already done with it. Brush is an Ever-Ready 500PB with a badger knot. This time I used a much larger amount of product, about the size of a pecan this time to keep up the nut references. I used about twice as much hot water at the bottom of the bowl.

While my experience with the scent was unchanged, the increased amount of lather was significant. I probably got three times the amount as the prior shave, more than enough for my 3.5 passes. Because of my being able to apply a lot more lather to my face for each pass, there was an improvement in the amount of protection from the cream. There was still no residual slickness after the pass was completed. This time I got my BBS shave without any face irritation because of the increased amount of product.

Overall impressions

My overall impressions are two out of five stars. The lack of scent is the most disappointing result, as I bought it wanting a peppermint scent. The need to use much more product than I typically would with TOBS or T&H creams means that I'll rip through it more quickly, offsetting the price advantage relative to the others ($11.88 at Amazon). The lack of protection is a downer as well. So overall, I won't buy it again and wouldn't recommend it.

The photos below are from my first shave so you can see the small amount of lather.



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