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    Nothing on my BlackBerry. Haven't fired up the laptop recently.
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    We are fully aware of this issue across the site and we have top men It. We know it’s annoying for y’all and everyone on the site. We are working on a fix so bear with us.

    We apologize for this inconvenience.
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  2. I just returned to a post I posted a few days ago to find that a number of strange links in red had been added to my post. I did not add these, and they seem to lead to subject/objects entirely removed from the conversation in question. Can someone at the administrative end of things please look into this? My post as given with the strange links is #10 in the following thread: Why / When do I need to use stropping paste.
  3. Saxonbowman

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    Its being worked on. See this thread: Viglinks?
  4. SpecialK

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    Viglinks is a software that is supposed to monetize links (And individual words) on a page. B&B uses this service to attempt to offset the costs of running the place. Something changed in the Viglink end last week and caused a LOT more links to be created than was normal. I was able to completely eliminate the software for registered users, so hopefully you guys will no longer see the inserted links in your posts. Sorry about the drama. For once though, it wasn't my fault!
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