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Victory formations

I certainly understand the concept of clock management and ball control but I can't stand when collegiate level sports are allowed to take a victory formation. I just got through watching the Rose bowl and it irked me once again that I had to listen to Brett Mushbrains and witness yet another team take a snap and then no play with time on the clock. V formations should be treated the same as excessive celebrations and penalized accordingly, wasn't a team just flagged for saluting after a TD. I know this is a rant and the NCAA will never change the rule just like they will never drop the Bull Crap System.
I just think that if time is on the clock a play must be run on the college level. It's a sad commentary that when there is 1+ minutes on the clock teams will sit on the ball so the other team can't have the opportunity to score. Believe me when I say this has nothing do to with the fairness thing it's about sportsmanship, there's none in taking a knee with a large amount of time on the clock. I've gone heads up in match play bowling tournaments with guys that were associate PBA members and gave them a run for their money even beaten a few. Only one refused to shake my hand after I beat him. All I'm saying is there's no honor in not giving the other guy a chance after all it's a game.
The victory formation is my favorite (when my team has the ball).:001_smile

I agree, though, about Musburger. Listening to him is always irksome.
If I can win by kneeling down, or handing it to a running back who quickly drops to the ground, I'm gonna do it. I think the only way around that is to stop the clock after a running play in the final two minutes, just like an incomplete pass. Not sure how else to get around it. You can't make a team run a play unless the specific rules like stopping the clock are changed.

I don't mind this one so much as I mind the whole "icing the kicker" garbage...not sure how that is still legal.
The team with the ball at that point is going to win no matter what (short a fumble or interception, which no playcaller with any sense will ever let happen.) It's better that they run the clock out than try to run a play and maybe someone gets hurt needlessly.
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