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Vicco turmeric shaving cream.

How's the performance and scent of vicco turmeric cream?

And what's this turmeric thing supposed to do?

I was joshin' as turmeric can be used as a dye in addition to a food additive, leaving white porcelain and wooden kitchen vessels dyed ochre or mustard-colored. Honestly, I don't know what benefit the turmeric actually has, although I read the following on Wikipedia: "[a]lthough long used in Ayurvedic medicine, where it is also known as Haridra, no high-quality clinical evidence exists for use of turmeric or its constituent, curcumin, as a therapy."
I watched PaulH shave with this in one of his videos. I don't know if he said this or whether I heard it somewhere else, but it supposedly has anti inflammatory properties, which makes it perfect for a shave cream.

Paul said "well, he looks happy, doesn't he?"
This is the old packing. They come in new tubes now and is an amazing sandalwood croap. The turmeric does seem to make the scent a bit stronger but it's a lovely scent and thick lather !

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Good stuff if you get over the creepy Indian dude smiling at you. It doesn’t smell of turmeric to me. I like the regular better than the sandalwood version.
I tried it about 4 years ago along with several other Indian creams. This wasn't quite as good as the others and the brown colour put me off a bit. The big problem was the smell of t...... As I usually shave in the locker room at the YMCA I go a few polite complaints.


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From what I have read about it, it is supposed to be pretty good. You can't argue with the price.
I liked it and it performed well. Like most creams you have to find the right amount that works for you. I'm pretty generous so I find most lathering creams work great.
I know why the guy on the Vicco box is smiling... it's a really good shaving cream!

Scent is an earthy overall presentation with mild sandalwood and a bit of menthol, strong enough to be interesting, but not over the top and doesn't last too long.

As far as performance, first off, it takes very little to make enough lather... second, it's great lather, cushion and slickness are top notch and it rinses off well too. If this is what "with FOAM base" is all about, count me in ;)

I'm not noticing any special properties conferred by the turmeric or sandalwood, but it performs well and doesn't dry my face at all!

Easily worth twice the price ($6) IMO.
Turmeric is a tough stain to get out of fabrics, not sure how much this shaving cream will stain but if I were to get it, I'd make sure I don't use any white towels haha
Just got a 30g tube of vicco with that creepy Indian guy. It costs just $0.75 here.

Performance wise, nothing to shout about. It gets the job done. I have other slicker creams like godrej and omega. In fact it was a little too dry for my taste but not too bad.

As for scent, Jesus H Christ, it's like the Indian version of arko. I don't even know where to put it. It's got this odd industrial detergent scent while not off putting, it most certainly was not the most pleasant. Don't seem to detect any sandalwood here.

As for it's supposed therapeutic properties, I'm not sure yet but my face does feel soft and smooth now. So it might be helpful to skin care.
Just had a whiff of this cream again. Still no sandalwood scent detected.

I'll experiment further. But with a broken in boar brush instead of a new boar brush like I did yesterday.

If it does have therapeutic properties, I don't mind getting a few more tubes. Scent in creams doesn't bother me much. It's performance I care about.
I wonder if they changed the formula? I bought the sandalwood version as well as the regular version in the OP. Neither had a really strong scent that would offend, especially others in a locker room as one poster mentioned.

Neither had any appreciable color especially when lathered that would or could stain. They were both light beige creams that made white lather.
My tube of "regular" Vicco arrived and I actually like the scent more than the sandalwood version, it's an earthy scent with a subtle ginger undertone, if you like deep earthy scents you'll probably get along just fine with this one. Performance is essentially identical to the sandalwood version, which is to say well above average.
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