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vibrant blue ink?

I'm looking for a vibrant blue ink. Currently, I'm considering Diamine Sapphire. Any input would be greatly appreciated.

Two that come to mind are Diamine Asa Blue and Noodler's Ottoman Azure. Of course there's always Noodler's Bay State Blue, but that tends to be a contentious contender because of staining problems and corrosion issues in certain pens.


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Two of my favorite blues are made by Diamine- Denim and Sargasso Sea (my third is Pelikan Royal Blue). If I am not mistaken, Diamine is known for its great blues.
Goblet has an exclusive noodles called liberty's Elysium that is my most vibrant ink, but iroshizuku kon peki is very vibrant, but also not cheap. I'd head to outlets and sort the ink be colour
I am currently using two Diamine blue inks. Sapphire Blue and China Blue - both are excellent...

The China Blue is not as intense as the Sapphire Blue. To my eye, the China Blue is a true blue while the Sapphire Blue as a bit of a purple tinge.
Diamine sapphire definitely has a slight reddish/purple tint. For a true blue kon peki or perhaps noodlers Bernanke blue.
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