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Vetyver Scent

I had my first experience with this scent yesterday in the form of one of my new Claus Porto Soaps.

I see a lot of folks on here talking about this scent, so I thought I would try it out.

First impression, 'this stuff smells like weed!' (or at least what someone else told me weed smelled like).

It also smells kinda like steamed spinach.

BUT... this stuff leaves ME smelling real good... not like spinach or weed (or what someone told me weed smelled like).

So I'm curious to read other people's take on this somewhat strange scent...?
Aaron, vetiver is a great scent. It is earthy and smoky. There are quite a few variations out there so one cologne will not smell like the next. Not a scent for everyone.
I just tried the L'Occitane version just the other day for the first time. Now, it doesn't smell much like the basic essential oil, at least based on my QED soap. On the other hand, first reaction from SWILTP was "mmmmmmm........, you smell GOOD." This could work.... I like this almost as much as Cade, which caused the reaction: "What smells like the bug spray my mother always uses?" (Seriously, that's really what she said. RAID Outdoor Fresh, btw).
I was given a bottle of Vetiver aftershave about 35 years ago. Don't know who made it but I remember it being excellent!

I guess the intent of my post wasn't very clear... probably lost in my rambling.

I know a lot of folks like the scent, and, like I said, it smelled good once it was one me.

I'm just wondering how other people descibe the scent?

I think it's funny that to me it smells like spinach until I've rinsed the soap off and it leaves a very pleasant 'manly' scent behind.
Vetiver itself smells like the roots of something you just pulled out of the ground (which is what it is....). When it is blended with other things, it can be magical.. By itself (like the in-your-face QED shave stick), it is a love-it or hate-it thing. Personally, I love it.
Well it has been described as :9898: I guess its safe to say he was on the hate it side. Reminds me of the smell when you pull up grass and reveal the fresh soil...
Yep, pretty much like that. (the roots, that is, not the other). Kind of a dank rooty smell, like what you were pulling up came out of a bog. I know that sounds pretty foul, but I really like the stuff. It's about as earthy as I can imagine a scent being.
Ok, so it's official! I like this scent... but, at least with this soap, it smells good after the 'dry down' (do soaps actually do this?). I think the soap has a very strong vetyver scent which is a little too 'natural' smelling for me, but it smells excellent after drying off and certainly isn't too strong.:smile:
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