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Just got their email promoting this new release.
Although I've no direct experience with this cream, I think the VE fragrance is excellent.

For a 100 mL tube, the price is *ahem* 80 USD.
Per FM Customer Service, it doesn’t produce much of a lather, which is somewhat surprising as this cream is based on soap (stearic acid, coconut oil, potassium hydroxide), and a couple of other surfactants. Could be a good travel option. Otherwise, for me, it's a pass, if indeed it’s non-lathering/brushless. YMMV.
VE is one of my favorites from the house, but not sure I'd pay that much for the cream. I could get two tubs of CF for that much.

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As much as I love vetiver, there's no way I'm willing to pay that much for a 100ml tube of shaving cream even if it lathers itself.
80 bucs for 100ml is just ridiculous compounded by the fact cream goes faster then soap. Paying for the Malle name on the tube
I have the VE EDT which I only use for special occasions.:wink:
And yes it is extraordinaire quality...
I prefer Nivea Mild shaving creme though, I think it's around 1.79 Eur per tube:biggrin:
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