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Vetiver AS Splash?

Hi guys. Newbie here. I have really gotten into the scent of vetiver. I've searched the web and found Fine to be the best reviewed vetiver AS. However, it appears to be quite difficult to find. :(

Can anyone recommend some other good vetiver AS splashes? Thanks!:thumbup:
Thanks for the post. I'm very interested in Vetiver as well.

I have tried both fresh and clean vetiver from mr. Fine and I loved both. Hopefully he will get his bottles in soon.

Stirling had or has a vetiver.

I think I have read musgo real has a vetiver based scent. Is that right?

I am thinking about purchasing Royall Vetiver, but have not heard much about it on here. Anyone out there have an opinion on it?
I have a sample of the Stirling witch hazel and aloe (no alcohol) vetiver splash. It's on the "dark" and "dry" end, which is what I like. Before the dry down, it really does smell like wet soil. Then the vetiver grass-root comes through once dries. I like it a lot. Nothing "cologne-y" about it, however. (I haven't tried the two Fine vetivers, but from what people say they smell like Tom Ford and Guerlain products. Stirling is an altogether different idea).
I've heard good things about Fine, but the transition back to canteen-style bottles is taking forever. I've been waiting months for new stock. They should become available any day now.
I had a sample of Stirling's vetiver aftershave lotion... and it seemed "smokier" than the Fine splash. Is the Stirling splash also "smokier".
If you want to purchase some Fine I belive there are a few vendors out there that have some stock left. In both bottle styles if I'm not mistaken. Just google the one you want and I'm sure you can find it rather easy. I like the fine clean vetiver myself over the fresh vetiver. It's deeper and smoker but still green and to my nose very light. Ymmv of course
If you are looking to step it up a notch or 2, please try Guerlain's Vetiver aftershave splash. They also make a balm.
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