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Veteran's Day PIF

Hello Gents .....

My beloved Dad was a veteran of World War II ---- he was a soldier in the 116th. Regiment of the 29th. Infantry Division,
and he landed on Omaha Beach in the early morning hours of D-Day June 6, 1944. He made it home after having fought in Europe through war's end, receiving two Purple Hearts and many battle medals and commendations.

I still fondly remember the wonderful times when he first taught me how to shave .... with a DE razor, brush, and soap.

In his memory, and to honor all the veterans out here in our B&B family, I'd like to offer this PIF.
A beautiful Merkur 39C Slant razor, an Omega boar brush, and 20 Voskhod blades.

All items are in great condition, although some of the Omega paint is rubbed off the brush handle. I'd be very grateful if
a veteran in our B&B community would accept this PIF. Simply reply with a line or two about your service, and I'll pick a
winner at random. Continental USA only, and I'll pay for shipping via USPS.

And to all the veterans out there who fought for our country ..... Thank you for your service !



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Wow I'm in, great PIF! I have never had the pleasure of using a slant razor and would love the opportunity. What an amazing story of your father's service in WWII and a lander on D-Day no less...I can't live up to that, but I'll share my story anyway.

I am currently serving on Active Duty with the U.S. Coast Guard. I joined in 2007 and I love my job. As an Operations Specialist my primary landside duty is Search and Rescue planner. My best memories are from my time serving at sea. I've had the pleasure to see much of Central America (Guatamala, Panama, Costa Rica among others) as well as the South Pacific and Asia (Hawaii, American Samoa, Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thialand, Singapore, Japan, the Philippines, among others). I have boarded vessels carrying significant quantities of cocaine in the Pacific Ocean as well as MANY fishing vessels in the chilly waters of the Berring Sea. I love the Coast Guard and I beleive in our mission set and what we do as a service. SEMPER PARATUS!
I'm in. I graduated from the Air Force Academy in 75. Was a pilot in the KC-135. Thanks for the thanks. It means a lot.
Had Feathers been included instead it would have been the Axis powers PIF. :devil2:

Very generous and thoughtful offer to those whose sacrifice keeps our freedom. Well done.
I’ll sweeten the pot a little. I will add a stick of Speick, to Adams18s pif designee.
Thank you to all those who have served and who are currently serving from my family to yours.
Wow !!! Great replies so far. C'mon Gents, let me hear from more of you !
And to "LoveTheSlant" ..... Your avatar reminds me of my younger days ! LOL !
I'm a veteran. US Army Medical Corps. Active duty for six years, inactive ready reserve for six more.

Not in, though. Just wanted to post my support for veterans everywhere and to say thanks for posting this very generous PIF.
I'm in, primarily because it is a Veterans Day PIF. Retired CW3 Signal Officer, almost three years ago now. I have never tried a slant or Speik. Great PIF and thanks for the opportunity. The military was great for me, with excellent training and educational benefits.

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im in please. former US Army spec ops . i remember the first time we went to the east it was almost surreal because our country had not been in a true war situation in so long.. when we first found out what was happening a bunch of us were sitting around and our captain walked up and told us about what was about to happen and told us to get ready. well we did and we went. i still cant go into a lot of the details so i wont say anymore. Happy Veterans day to all
Great PIF and I’m in. I was in the Army from 97 to 2003 as an MP. Total of 3 years on foreign soil. I would have stayed in longer but had to leave service due to injury. I’m, therefore, a disabled vet who proudly served. I miss my old Army buddies.
Great PIF and I’m in. I was in the Army from 97 to 2003 as an MP. Total of 3 years on foreign soil. I would have stayed in longer but had to leave service due to injury. I’m, therefore, a disabled vet who proudly served. I miss my old Army buddies.
I feel ya. I was injured in country and wore a full leg cast for almost 8 months then rehab.. sometimes I miss it a lot and others I just look at my kids and am glad I'm here.
I’m in! Currently in the Air Force stationed at Sheppard AFB as an MTL. Taking care of our young airman going through training before they get to their first duty station. Thank you and thanks for the opportunity.
Great PIF. Someone is going to make off with some great gear. I'm a veteran. I was in the Army National Guard from 2009-2016. I deployed to the Middle East on a peacekeeping mission in 2010. I had a great time too and a lot of the opportunities I've had came thanks to being in the military. But I'm not in. I just wanted to share my story and support the contestants.
So far, so good. I really appreciate all the replies, stories, and wonderful comments.
In keeping with the theme of a Veteran's Day PIF, I am going to close this offer at 6 PM today,
at which time I will pick the PIF recipient. But no matter who "wins" this, all you guys who
replied are truly winners and heroes ! Thank you so much for your service.
Okay Gents ..... This Veteran's Day PIF is officially closed.
And the winner is ....

Jaro 101969

Congratulations Jaro, and thank you for your service ! I will send you a private message
and get your mailing address.

And thanks to all who have replied. You are all to be applauded with great respect for your service.
Not in, b/c I'm not a vet, but like you, my Dad was. What a great PIF, and a nice way to thank our service members!

My Dad also served in WWII, spending most of his time on Greenland training other soldiers. I never thought of him as a particularly exciting person when I was young, and he rarely talked about his service in the Army. After he passed, my sisters and I went through his old trunk where he stored his military gear and found his discharge papers, where we learned that he qualified as expert with just about anything that went "boom"!

He always told me he didn't like guns much (I didn't absorb that attitude from him, though). but I still remember when he bought a .22 rifle while we were on vacation once, to use for home protection in New Jersey. It was a Remington pump action, which I still have. This would have been around 1962-63, when I was about six years old. Driving through Wyoming, he announced he was going to give my a lesson in marksmanship. We pulled off the highway, walked out into a field about 40-50 yards, and set up some cans and bottles in a line on a fallen tree. Then we walked back maybe 25 yards or so, and he showed me how to hold the rifle. I was so small I could barely hold it up to my shoulder, and certainly couldn't hold it steady. After a few shots, though, I managed to nick the corner of a soft drink can and knocked it off the tree. I'll never forget what happened next. He said he'd show me how to shoot - I still remember being very doubtful that he could. Then, pumping the action and shooting very rapidly, he broke six or seven bottles in a row! I never looked at him quite the same after that.

After his demonstration, he packed up the rifle once more, we got back in the car, and a couple of days later arrived home. I didn't even see that rifle again for nearly fifteen years, and I don't recall him ever speaking of the experience again. When we moved to North Carolina, though, I discovered he still had that old rifle, and as I became more interested in shooting, I would take it out from time to time small game hunting or to the range. It was, and is, a straight-shooting rifle.
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