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Very Special set of Wolf Whiskers Brushes

When my Son and I met Peter at the Maggard’s meetup we asked him if when are numbers came up would he make a set of matching brushes for myself, my son, and my grandson who is due in December. We thought it would be special to have a Grandpa, son and grandson set of brushes. We told him we wanted baby blue color and to make the baby brush a little smaller and the rest was up to him. I just received them last night and Peter did a great job.
Peter did a great job and these brushes are great in person! the picture does not do them justice. Im happy to have mine and the little guy will love his as well!
Lovely looking brushes you got there! That seems like a family heirloom that can be passed down for generations!
I am happy for you Mark, those are very good looking. It is extra special that is a 3 part set. I know you are looking forward to your grandsons arrival. Hope ya'll enjoy these for many many years.
Happy shaves


Wow what a fantastic idea, love the colour and to top it off 3 beautiful brushes. Hope you all have many many fantastic shaves with them.... :001_tt1: :001_tt1: :001_tt1: :001_tt1: :001_tt1: