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Very Cool Pipe Find

So, I was perusing a local antique store with my wife as she was Christmas shopping for her clients. I saw this box sitting there just like you see here:

$100_3273 (800x600).jpg

So I open up the box and what do I find? Lo and behold the treasures within:

$100_3274 (800x600).jpg
$100_3275 (800x600).jpg

Now the stem of the pipe is broken and the thing is grimy. But it can be cleaned up and the stem can be replaced. The box doesn't match the manual or the cloth. I am pretty sure the pipe doesn't belong with any of it except the case. Hey, but for $10, who cares? I am gonna clean this thing up, get the stem fixed and smoke the Dickens out of it (Rumor has it that Charles Dickens loved a good pipe. There is no basis for this rumor. I just made it up, but it sounds good.).
Cool find, and I'm sure Charles Dickens enjoyed a good pipe... I can't imagine it any other way. :001_tongu
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