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Vermont country store

Says origin is Pakistan for both razor and blades.

Ok, so that confirms what I suspected. The handle will likely be quite heavy, but the actual head will probably be utter junk.

There are far better products you could spend your money on, rather than taking a chance on a $40 razor that has a good possibility of being total junk.

And I would greatly distrust "made in Pakistan" DE blades, as I can't think of any quality blades that are made there (or any blades whatsoever for that matter).
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Looks similar to a Misaki razor I bought off Ebay- which was a pretty good tto razor made in Japan. Very similar to a Feather Popular- but made of all metal. Cost only 12.95 plus a few bucks for shipping.
I got some of Vermont Country Store soap a couple years ago, it was terrible, but their apothecary mug is pretty good. I use it as a lather bowl.
Just checked their entire men's grooming area and they are way overpriced.
For example:
2 tubes of Derby shave cream 14.90 (VCS) 2.75 a tube (West Coast Shaving).
English Leather AS and Clubman AS 22.00 & 14.95 (VCS) EL 9.00(Walmart) Clubman 7.99(Walgreens).
TOBS Sensitive Skin shave cream 29.95 (VCS) 17.25 (Merz/Smallflower).
9.90 for a 5 pack of blades of dubious origin? IIRC you can get a 10 pack of Feather blades for 5.50 ea.
So that 40.00 razor could be one of those 12.00 Sally Beauty Supply specials.
Not that it makes it any better but it's 10 blades...it says "Sold in a set of two 5-blade packages"....but still way overpriced!

I see I was beaten to the punch by Michiganlover while typing!!!
I find it disgusting what they charge for stuff. Take for instance Packers Pine Tar Soap. I use it because it helps with my keeping my scalp from breaking out. I can get at a local Fruth Pharmacy for about five bucks a bar. They want 14.90 for two. RIPOFF! And 40 bucks for a cheap junked out razor....Why? Why not stock the good stuff like Merkur? But of course they would have to charge 80 for a simple Merkur 3 piece! Completely ridiculous.
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