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Vermont Country Store shaving soap

Has anyone used this soap recently? I shaved with it maybe 15 years ago and liked it; I was wondering if it is still as good as I remember. Thanks.
Well, if this crew of articulate, soap-obsessed gents has nothing to say about Vermont Country Store soap, I think that says something about the product, and nothing good at that.
My only observation with the Vermont Country Store is that their catalog items cost about twice as much as anywhere else. Don't recall ever seeing a shaving soap in their line-up.
Here is there current line-up of Shaving and Skin Care products:

Not a bad selection, but yes, the prices are too high. I don't really see anything there that I'd want to pull the trigger on.

They now have an exclusive distribution rights on Hai Karate, which I guess should count for something.

And they have a nice assortment of USA-made products, some of them very rare and hard to find.

I've always liked shopping the VCS catalog, but I've never ordered anything from them. Their Food & Candy section has a lot of neat things I'd like to try. I've always wanted to get an Oilcloth table-cloth from them, I've never seen them anywhere else. And their slippers and house-shoes page looks like a lot of good deals.

They seem to be moving away from the Classic and Vintage products and more towards schlock merchandise. And that's a shame.

And if you really want a shock, check out their "Sexual Wellness" offerings. NSFW. Don't say I didn't warn you.

BTW, I have no idea about their shave soap. Never tried it. Never heard of it until now. Like the OP said, if it were a good thing, B&B's crack team of soap sleuths would have found it by now.
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Not a bad price, 3 for $11. Comparable to Van der Hagen soap. If it's as good, that's a good deal. User reviews on the store site are positive ones.

I'm going to Vermont in a month, and shaving soaps are on my "to-pick-up" list. There are some artisan soap makers in the state. But a stop at the Vermont Country Store is out of the way for me.
From the website:
Our Vermont-made shaving soaps have six soothing ingredients and a masculine lime-and-musk scent. Each creates a rich lather for shaving and lubricates the skin. Set of 3 round bars, 3 oz. each. Each soap fits perfectly in our classic shaving mug (#68042) with easy-to-hold handle.

  • Rich lather for shaving
  • Soothes the skin
  • Masculine lime-and-musk scent
Whip up extra-creamy lather for a smooth, close shave with our Vermont-made shaving soaps.

Cost is $10.90 - not bad.
I have used an old puck of their Lime Musk (poor) and recently started another (poor). I still have one of the newish (5 yo) pucks that have the deep concavity up top. Haven't tried it yet. Here are the two soaps I haven't finished.

Much better soaps available, even at that price.
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These are the first soaps I tried. They seemed to work well enough, nothing special. My wife bought them for me as well as their boar hair shaving brush. This was my first shaving brush as well as my first experience with shaving soaps. I would compare it to the VDH soaps that are widely available in drugs stores and Wal-Marts. They do the job ok.
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