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Vendors of P.160?

I can't seem to find anywhere selling the 1kg block of P.160. I've been lurking forever, and seems that nobody on any board can find this stuff. If anyone has a good source for the P.160 or Cella, I'm all ears. I'm in Alberta but I'm visiting friends in the US frequently enough that I could ship it to them and pick it up. I'm sure the border guards will love that: "no, seriously officer, its a 1kg of pure Italian shaving soap."

Also for those who've used both, do you think one is better than the other?
Pardon me for interrupting, but is the scent of P160 similar to cella?
I would call them close cousins, but not enough alike to be mistaken. To me, Cella's almondy scent is quite nice and along the lines of a bitter almond, while P.160's is much more of a marzipan which I find VERY yummy. But scent and good/bad is very subjective.
I find the smell of cella to be pretty sweet, granted everyone's nose is different but I suppose that means I should sample it before I decide to buy a KG of it (but better do it soon . . .)
Impressive turnaround time on answering his question. I thought I would be the first to comment when I saw the OP's question in my reader. I guess I would have gotten here sooner, but I was perusing the Italian Barber's site trying to decide what to spend my hard earned credit on.
I used them both and find them to be excellent performers but I like Razorock even better, great performance and a variety of scents. I recommend trying some, XXX is my favorite so far.
So, I knew of the Italian Barber, I just forgot all about them when doing my search.
So now the question is this: is the p.160 worth twice the price of the Cella? ItalianBarber's got it for about that (as per that link posted 2 posts up).
I was going to put in an order for one of the 1kg bricks, and grab some Razorock to get that sweet sweet free shipping.
By the two 125g ones (P.160 and Cella) before you grab a kilo. I prefer P.160 but not at 2x the price of Cella.

I agree. I have both in my den right now. I find P.160 to be a little slicker, but don't think it is worth the extra money. YMMV.
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