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[Vendor] Cyber Monday Starts Now at WCS!

Cyber Monday Starts Now at WCS.

CYBER MONDAY: 20% Off Side wide, 30% Off WCS Products on orders over $45+! + Free Shipping.
Exclusive Releases & Deals 11 AM EST
Exclusive Releases
-Kryptonite by Mammoth Soaps
-Infinity Brushes w/ That Darn Rob Fanchurian Knot.
Door Buster Deals
$11 Duck fat Shave Soaps
50% Off WCS Aftershaves
$30 Safety Razor Kit
50% Off WCS Straight Razors
50% Off WCS Basic Synthetic Shaving Brushes.

Exclusive Releases & Deals 4 PM EST
Exclusive Releases
-Grooming Dept Charbon and Luxor Shaving Soap
-Zingari Man The Soloist
-Talbot Shaving Soap Sample, Howick Hall
Door Buster Deals
50% Off Jojoba Shave Creams
$25 WCS Best Selling Silvertip Shaving brush
55% Off WCS Wood And Brass Razors
$139 Straight razor Kit

*Exclusive releases are not eligible for the Cyber Monday discounts.