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    Hi there,

    Does anyone know of decent vegetarian/vegan shaving soaps/creams which dont come in plastic packaging? Tins or just refill pucks?
    Trying to reduce my use of disposable plastic.
  1. Wet shaving products Rustic formula.
  2. Haslinger’s has gone vegan. Their refill pucks are packed in cellophane.
  3. Dr Jon's soaps are vegan and come in tins ( - never bought one but read great reviews.

    Imperial Field Shave Soap (Field Shave Soap Canister | Imperial Barber Products)
    specifically mention the use of the canister is for reducing packaging for the refill pucks to use.

    Viking Soap has non-tallow versions ( and that I found absolutely awesome in their performance. For the packaging - you can get in touch with Andrew about what packaging you prefer and he might try reducing the packaging to the minimum for you to maybe something like a plastic baggie.
  4. Saponificio Varesino soap is Vegan and comes in pucks. PannaCrema Nuavia is wonderful and comes in ceramic. The downside is its expensive and they don't sell refills.
  5. Highly recommend SV 4.3. They come in aluminum tins too, no plastic.
  6. I recently purchased an Indian vegan shaving soap - Trigodon from Amazon prime. $10 shipped, comes with a nice tin. Excellent soap, very easy to lather, great post-shave feel and slickness, smells also great.
  7. +1

    This is my #1 soap - Not because it's vegan, but because it's the best I've ever used.
  8. The Body Shop's Maca Root & Aloe shaving cream is supposed to be vegan.
    The only packaging (hard plastic tub) is what's needed for however long the product lasts.
    I can't think of any way to recycle ceramic that isn't essentially landfill.
    Repurposing, maybe, because they do look nice, with no permanent logos.
  9. I agree, I will refill mine with SV or another soap. I wish they offered pucks to refill. Ceramic jar will last forever as long as you don't drop it. That said... once it's gone, I'll definitely order another.
  10. Sorry can't help as I only eat animal-based soap
  11. +2! SV are terrific products!! :a14::a14:
  12. I second Dr. Jon’s. They come in metal tins. Their Fall seasonal (coming back in July, I think), Flowers in the Dark is my favorite scent in wetshaving, and they have a new base coming out (the old base was still very good).
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    Welcome to B&B, Sir Southern!

    Re packaging, wouldn't a tin have a bigger environmental and resource 'footprint' than a recyclable plastic wrapper or container??
  14. Depends on several factors, for instance weather the aluminum container is recycled or virgin. Whole other topic...
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    So true.
    Most of these containers are tin, much cheaper than aluminum.
  16. Hi again,

    Thanks for all your responses been very useful.

    Anyone had any experience with Extro shave cream?
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    Shave creams are well-discussed in another forum!
  18. Are they? I didn't know that. My metal shave soap containers are aluminum except for Mike's (older container, now plastic), which I believe is tin plated steel
  19. Extro is outstanding. I don't know if I would call it a shaving cream, though. It's more of a croap. Regardless, Extro is a GREAT option if you're trying to avoid tallow.
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