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A couple weeks ago I received The Veg on a PIF from hwj_chim. Unfortunately, I am not one of the chosen ones. However, rather than let in sit in my den I've decided to pay it forward. The bottle is used, with at least 80% of the juice left. If anyone is interested in giving it a try I will send it your way. I will randomly pick one of the first ten members that reply "I'm in".
I read a post once that compared The Veg with the fruitcake that gets passed from person to person. There's really only one bottle.
The group of potential victims has shrunk since most don't sleep on the second floor with livestock on the ground floor anymore. Progress. What can you do?
You boys are making me really anxious to try this toxic brew. Looks like we may not come up with enough fellas with the cajoled to volunteer, though.

Come on, y'all!
Seize this opportunity to see if the Green Goddess has chosen you to be a Knight of the Veg Table! What have you got to lose? Shave before you shower one day. Try The Veg. If you don't like it after 15 minutes, shower it away! Or, if you have been Chosen, bask in its floral essence. Breathe deeply of the powder undertones. Let it soothe you.

Or pass it on to the next lucky guy.

I am Chosen, my wife is Chosen, and one of my children is chosen. I am not in.
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