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VCI paper question

I recently bought a NOS vintage Japanese razor. It is in mint condition, no rust or pitting, in the original factory packaging. The razor is in a narrow clear plastic sleeve and there is a strip of rust inhibiting paper in there. I am wondering if this paper loses its ability to protect over time. Perhaps I should change the paper or just add in a new strip with the old.

Also, after I dry my razors I wrap them up in VCI paper. I wonder if this is overkill. Maybe I should wrap them in something like wax paper with just a strip of VCI?
Yes over time it oxidizes and is used up so-to-speak. Yes it is probably overkill but do what makes you happy. I live in the humid SE US and never needed anything like that but razors stay in my home and not outside of course.
VCI paper does lose its performance over time. You can get the plastic VCI tabs pretty cheap. I use them routinely in my tool boxes that live in the garage and they work well for me.
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