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FS Various Razors from Mike the Beginner

I'm super glad I found this forum and this hobby! Changed my shaving habits forever. So happy with my new routine. However I have settled on my "endgame" (pre-war Gillette Tech, Shave Secret Oil, and Kai DE blades) and I'm interested in passing along the items that I "bought to try" during my shaving journey. Would prefer to ship to USA only. You can probably try any of these and get the same price for them on resale!

5 Lots:
--BEGINNER KIT with like-new Rockwell 2C in box (one plate with 1 and 3 settings), two kinds of shave cream (both unopened), Pacific Shaving cork-handled brush ($49 new), ceramic shaving mug, Nivea Post Shave Balm (unopened), and six random tucks of blades (Astra Superior Stainless, Treet Platinum, Derby Premium, Perma-Sharp, Bolzano Superinox, and Treet Carbon Steel DE, all unopened), about ~$140 retail, all for $65 plus you pay shipping. I will throw a few other things in as well.

--RazorRock SS Hawk V3 closed-comb, HD handle, used about 3 times, plus 20-blade pack of Kai Pink Captain Titan SE blades with 19 left, $45 plus shipping.

--RazoRock kit with Super Knurl Handle, Game Changer .68 plate and cap, plus Mamba .70 plate and cap. GC bought new, used less than 20 times, Mamba head bought used. $65 plus shipping.

--Rex Supply Co. Envoy, Stainless Steel, like new, in perfect box, $150 new, used fewer than 5 times, $95 plus shipping. Gorgeously made. Clamps the blade like a vise.

--Tatara Masamune (full Masamune) in like-new box, perfect condition, used about 40 times. I loved this, but in the end can get a quicker shave from my Tech, if not quite so close. These are 174 Euros new from Tatara, or $188. $135 and shipping.

Any questions please ask!

--MtB (Mike)
You can see some more pictures of my Masamune here:

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