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FS Various razors for sale

Shipping is $25 worldwide no matter how much you purchase. It will be delivered by EMS which is the fastest and safest shipping method.


From left to right

1. Schick O type -- $120+ shipping

NOS sealed condition.

2. Japanese Schick Injector blade.

10 blades per pack. $10 for one pack. $45 for 5 packs and $80 for 10 packs + shipping.


3. Kirby Beard --- $90+ shipping

a thin line of brassing on the cap lip and small brassing on the underside of the cap. overall in good condition for its age. Comes with a box(I don't know if it's original or not)


4. Shisheido MG5 Super --- $65 + shipping

Japanese Shisheido TTO razor from 1960~70's. Comes with original box set. It is excellent to mint condition.



5. Schick BBR-S --- $110 + shipping

A very rare Schick Proline AC shavette discontinued more than 20 years ago.
It was only sold to professional barbers in Japan and never made available to public.
It is made of 17-4 PH stainless steel . NOS to mint condition with original box.


6. (top of the first pic)Feather AC DX ---- $65 + shipping (bottom)Kai Kasho Captain --- $45 + shipping

Kai Kasho -- shows signs of use but in overall excellent condition.
Feather DX --- A tiny ding on the tip of the blade as shown in the second pic.
It doesn't affect the shave at all. Except that it is in excellent condition.


7. Thiers Issard Le Chatellerault 6/8 Horn scale --- $65 + shipping

Thiers Issard blade made of Jacob Holtzer steel from early 1900's. some pitting on the blade as shown in the pic.
Shave ready to my standard.


8. Feather Plier vintage + a pack of 19 Feather Plier blades. --- $30 + shipping

Feather Plier vintage with blade ejection lever. well used condition. I'll attach a review of this littile fantastic shaver below.


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