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FS Various razors and brushes, paring down my collection


Slays On Fleek - For Rizz
Hi gents,

Unforseen life circumstances have forced me to pare down my collection. A lot of good stuff here. All items include shipping+tracking CONUS ONLY.

1. Slim Aristocrat Adjustable Case. Comes with price tag and blade dispenser. Not sure if blade holder is the proper one or not. Small white marks on lid. Case in very nice shape. Ribbon great, colors great, hinges great. $100

2. Ever Ready step brush. All original. Restored by me. $60

3. Rudy Vey Synth. I believe this is a 24mm Maggard Synth. Nice soft tips, lathers like a champ. $60

4. Usergrade Barbasol Floating head with case. Great razor. $100

5. Ever Ready 1924 set. Good to very good condition. $35

6. PAL Adjustable. Great condition. $30

7. Shick Repeating Razor. User grade. Has magazine. $50

8. Sheraton-Great Condition. Has case in very good shape. Blades may not be exact, not sure. $100

9. Diplomat. Clean razor. Don't believe it was used. Blades may not be original to set. A few wear marks to the outer case and inner liner slightly loose from age. $100

10. Schick 66. Plating good. Slightly warped handle. $15

11. Schick 66. Very good shape. Clean

12. Late model Aristocrat. I believe this is the 46-47, but I'm not 100pct sure. Very good condition. Minor wear to the t bar and endcaps. A beauty. $40

13. KAMPFE Lather Catcher user grade. Small split at end of handle. Some brass showing. Nice graphics on tin and has blade holder. $60

14. Cased MMOC great condition. $30

15. Shovelhead. Very good condition. Has a few dings here and there. But is decent. $16 shipped.

16. Gem 1912 W/ Chain Link Handle. Very good condition. $20

17. Gold Gem Junior. very good condition. $16 shipped

18. Grand Shave King unmarked. Good condition. A few ligh scratches on cap and a few flea bites blemishes to the plating on the comb. $60.

Thank you all so much for considering.


Slays On Fleek - For Rizz
1. Sold

2. Reduced to 50

3. Reduced to 50

4. Sold

5.Reduced to 30

6-9 sold

10-11. Take both for 30.

12. Reduced to 30.

13. Reduced to 50

14. Sold

15. Reduced to 14

16 Reduced to 18

17. reduced to 14

18. Sold.

Again, thanks for considering.
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