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Vaping, Vaporizors.

Before I post my intended message, I want to state that my intentions are not to offend anyone but rather to express my opinion on them and perhaps get a better understanding. So please bear with me and my thoughts.

Growing up I had family members and friends who smoked cigs, cigars, pipes, dipped, chewed, and used snuff. While I always thought the little old lady using chew or snuff was disgusting, I was accustomed to it. However the rise of vaping makes me cringe. Every time I see someone use them I automatically think "crack pipe". I know there not, but seeing grandma types and just general usage by others makes me feel like that.... like I took a wrong turn and ended up somewhere I shouldn't be. I use to smoke cigs so I understand the nicotine cravings, and I still dig the pipe tobacco scents... but I'm past all the brown leaf stuff for the most part.

I know I can't be the only person out there who gets that weird "crack pipe" thought when I see folks using them? Perhaps I just need to understand the why and it can be explained so I won't look at it like that anymore. I don't want to judge anyone, so that's why I'm posting here so all of you guys can help me to understand it all.
I guess I haven't really ever thought 'crack-pipe' when I see people vaping. I guess it's because you don't need a lighter when using a vape pen. Whenever I've seen people using crack/meth pipes, the thing that sticks out most to me is the lighter with the huge flame. When I see people vaping, I wonder if they are using a marijuana oil vaporizer. Those don't need lighters either and look almost exactly like the tobacco vapes.
I certainly don't think crack pipe. To be honest they look like German "regimental" pipes to me. While not the best thing folks can do with their time and money they really don't bother me in the least.
In my earlier adult years I was around a lot of folks who did all sorts of drugs, and had all sorts of instruments to do them with. I looked up the german pipes and can see some resemblance to them.


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It could be the combination of the futuristic looking hardware and the way they are typically used. You rarely see a bunch of vapers kicked back relaxing, enjoying a leisurely cloud of steam. Generally I see them ducking outside for a couple of quick hits then putting it back in their pocket. I also see them sneaking hits inside places that don't allow them, which is getting almost as restrictive as smoking, and as long as they aren't using something scented they rarely get busted.

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There was an article in GQ this month about vaping, and what (in their opinion) should, and should not be done. One of the things that was mentioned was vaping from something that looked like an instrument from the Star Wars Cantina Band.
So here's a few questions I thought up that maybe someone could answer for me:

What's the flavoring stuff all about?
Is vaping suppose to healthier as opposed to the smoke from cigs?
I assume no tobacco means no tar?
What exactly is typically in vaping juice/liquid?

Also, I just read an article about some that are being planted with virus/spyware that gets installed when you plug it in the USB (for charging?) on your computer. So basically they are hacking your computer through your vaporizor.
Flavour - most of this is actually picked up by your olfactory senses, but basically think of flavoured smoke. My favourite is an asian drink flavor (Aloe vera - sounds weird, tastes great), while others like tobacco or fruit flavours. The sky is the limit here.

Vaping is supposed to be healthier than cigarettes (based on the research I have done). It is not healthier than not smoking. The idea is since nothing is being burned, there are no combustion byproducts entering your lungs. No comparisons to cigars, pipes or other tobacco products as they are a different ball game.

No tobacco = no tar. You can get the ejuice (the fluid that is vaporized) with or without nicotine. The amount of nicotine can also be adjusted.

Ejuice usually is made with varying ratios of VG (vegetable glycerin) and PG (Propylene glycol - used in inhalers as projectant I believe). Nicotine and flavoring depending on what you buy. I only use ejuice made in Canada or US with North America derived ingredients (to the best of my knowledge) as I am slowly trusting less and less from China.

The hacking could be a possibility, but I see that happening with clones/replicas bought online from China. A little vigilence goes a long way as when I plug my itaste into the PC to charge while I'm working on my papers (a little vitamin N keeps me going for those late night sessions), no noise or indication appears that it is plugged in. When I connect a device that can transfer data to my PC, it makes a little notification sound.

Vaping is a lot like any other form of tobacco in that some people will be considerate in their use while others will do what they want. Hope I helped answer some of your questions.
Purplemonkey hit the nail on the head.

Everything in quality e-liquid is food grade. Obviously it's not as safe as breathing air, but the difference between how I feel smoking vs how I feel vaping is enough evidence for me.

I don't completely get the crack-pipe association, but I guess I can see it. Once you really get into vaping, things look much different. This is my daily driver vaping setup.

I dunno whats a crack pipe look like?
35+ cig smoker that tried kicking it using hipno, patches, chantex with no luck, I am now 4+yrs cig free and happily vapeing and feeling 100% better.
Hmm... Some interesting points made herein. Having worked in areas with high drug use, I can kind of see the crack pipe reference; the vapor is bright white and dissipates quickly, and some of them make a sizzling sound similar to an operating crack pipe. I can also see the "Star Wars Cantina Band" reference. Heck, I've used it myself.
For what it's worth, I'm a long time chain-vaper myself, as well as enjoying cigars and the occasional pipe. The way I see it is this: When I sit down for a bowl or a cigar, I want to relax. Sit and savor the experience. When I'm pulling on my E-cig (I have one of the slim models that actually look like a cigarette), I'm wanting to feed my raging nicotine addiction. Do I enjoy the flavors of my favored juices? Absolutely. That is secondary, however, to soothing the monkey on my back, hence why I use e-juice of a very high nicotine concentration (36 mg/ml. A normal cigarette has about 10-12 mg's.) I realize many, if not most vapers are not like me; there's a bit of tinker's pride in making your own setup, fiddling with voltage and impedance to find that perfect hit, sampling and mixing flavors to find your own personal ambrosia. But for me, it's just a quick, cheap (much more so than the equivalent volume of cigarettes), clean, and relatively inoffensive way to feed my habit. As far as health concerns go, all I can say is that it hasn't ruined my singing voice, despite practically using it as a respirator for five years. Beyond that, it's difficult to say. To each their own, as in so many things.
Wow! Chain vaping 36mg/ml!?!? That's a lot of vitamin N! I avg a ml a day at 3mg/ml.
Yeah... I down about 7.5-10 ml's a day. I did say "raging addiction", right? Heh. Like I said, though, most vapers are not like me. Most just enjoy the variety of flavors you could never find in a traditional cigarette.
Yeah... I down about 7.5-10 ml's a day. I did say "raging addiction", right? Heh. Like I said, though, most vapers are not like me. Most just enjoy the variety of flavors you could never find in a traditional cigarette.
7.5-10ml a day in a cig-a-like?! Dang! That's about what I go through in a dripper!
Thanks for the responses, its been informative and helped me get a better understanding of it. If i still smoked i would probably be vaping based off the info you guys gave me.
i like to make my own juice i got tired of spending 10- 15 dollars a day on juice its easy to make n u can make it to your preference
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