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Vaping Saves One Lots of Money in Australia.

Just a note for Australian smokers.

Due to the current extortionist taxation, the current cost of a packet of 25 cigarettes in Australia is around A$22 to $24 a packet for premium brands, and A$17 to A$20 for the cheaper cigarettes. Cost for a carton a week smoker is around A$8000 per annum.

Cost of buying two Ego cigarettes with 1.6ml atomizers and enough nicotine e-liquid to get as much nicotine and as many puffs as one would from normal cigarettes - when purchased from Chinabuye - is around A$60 per annum.

Of course the cost gets higher if one buys the fancier vaping units that use more e-liquid, and if one buys the more expensive e-liquids - it could get as high as three or A$400 dollars per annum.

Has there ever been a bigger no-brainer for Australian smokers?
this may be the one thing that actually does save me money on B&B
Very good point - though the hobby shares many similarities to shaving in that there are a plethora of gadgets that one will be curious to try. I have a box full that I'm working my way through.
yes, I have been vaping for 5 yrs since yesterday , but I fear the fda is about to intervene as the govt. just cant keep there hands out of tax money, if they cant get it here then they will shut the vaping industry down to drive you back to tobacco. same as liquor and colo. pot industry. taxes make it ok with the feds.
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