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Just picked up a bottle of Horror of Yig by Grimm Kvlt and a couple of others from a local head shop turned vape shop. The flavour is fantastic! Highly recommended. I've also got Butterbean by Pour House and Mollo by Top Tier to load up next. My juice collection is rapidly growing :thumbup1:
Just put in an order at Fasttech.

Stainless Tugboat V2 clone
Black Petri 1.5 clone
Silver Petri 1.5 clone
25 30ml Unicorn bottles
Silicone sleeves for my iPV D2 in Red and Red and black swirl

And now... I wait.
So much for sticking with the Kanger for now.. Just picked up a Twisted Messes RDA. Maxing out the Subox at 50w but it produces a serious amount of vapour!
Ordered another Mutation X V4 as well as a mini velocity. Also, of course, I have more batters coming out here. One of these days I will send you guys a picture of my set up I have in my room, pretty comfortable with it!
Got a Velocity Mini & some juice from Yaeliq recently, impressed with both.
Yaeliq had three juices I wanted to try on their steal of a deal at $11/100ml last month, even by the time they add VAT & $10 shipping it's still great value. Been loving the Sabre Blood @6mg in my drippers and the Israeli Captain @9mg in the RTA's, the Zoosha is kinda weird but growing on me.

The Velocity deck is nice and roomy to build on, most importantly you can open it up the airflow to make it look like a smiley face.

The other tiny change I've enjoyed since the temperature took a dip is a tiny delrin drip tip, my poor lips were getting a chill from the first few hits off the steel drip tips I've been using.
I'm waiting on so many goodies. Most anxiously, my Hohm Wrecker, IPV4s and my Crown tank. I'm also waiting on a couple entry level mods that I'm testing to give to my mom and stepdad for Christmas. Starting with the VTC Mini and Disruptor. Fun times!
My vape mail from today. Testers for my folks. the IPV4s in the pic is from yesterday's vape mail. And the shaving products in the background are purely for ambiance.

Took a break from vaping for a bit. Just got my new setup in the mail today. Kanger Subtank mini with VTC mini.
Nice choice. I've had my VTC Mini for a few days, it's perfect for carrying around. So far, it's much better than my old VT.
I had a DNA clone for a little while before it got broken. I was using a mech mod for a long time. I'm so glad to be back to a box mod. The temp control is awesome.
That hexohm looks like a mech mod, but it's regulated? I'm sure you'll love that extra power! Went to my local vape shop today and I tried a mech mod running a dual coil setup at 0.07 ohms.. So tempted, so very tempted.
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