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Vape Juice Recommendations?

Any vapers here on B&B? I'm a .4 to .6 -ish single-coil guy, at around 35 watts. I have recently fallen in love with an e-liquid called Lemon Tart, by a company called Dinner Lady (70vg/30pg 6mg). I'm always looking for great new liquids to try, though. Any recommendations?
Nasty Juice low mint range - they're all 70/30. Delicious fruity flavours with a background of cooling mint. They're all good, but my favourites are Trap Queen (strawberry) and Fat Boy (mango). They come in multi packs of five too, which are great value on eBay. Hope this helps.
I started to DIY juice about 7 years ago and that eventually evolved into unflavored...pg/vg/nic period. I mix app. 1000 ml. At a time in a large glass jar, transfer it to a ketchup squeeze bottle and then into 30 and 50 ml. Bottles. Takes me about half an hour and I’m all set for quite a while...I do this maybe twice a year. Ends up costing me about 3 cents per ml. And, unflavored actually has a flavor

Chasing the must have juice of the week became tiring and expensive.
I’m new to vaping and don’t do nicotine but sure do like to puff when having cocktails so currently I am using Paebacc by Vapewell with 0% nicotine, it’s max VG and I’m running it thru a Caliburn by Uwell, it’s a POD system.
There’s this stuff called walrus it’s crazy good I can’t explain it but it’s a light menthol very fruity it’s a great combo if you google walrus juice on confuser you will find it I rock anything from 6 to 12 mg but they do sell 6
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