Van Yulay knots

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    Does anyone have any experience with the knots from Van Yulay? I stumbled upon them while searching for a pure white synth knot to go in the Ever Ready 300N I purchased. Havn't heard much about their knots (read none at all). Also, if anyone is aware of somewhere I could purchase a 22 or 24mm pure white synth knot that would be welcome. Thanks.
  1. Cashmere knot from APShaveCo on etsy.
  2. From what I understand the Cashmere knot it very similar to the Maggard Beige knot which is more of a cream or off white. Is this the case or is the cashmere knot more of a pure white?
  3. It's a little bit lighter than this in person (exposure is a little low), but this is my brush with a cashmere knot.

    Alternate knot for reference:
  4. That is very similar to the Maggard Beige, if not identical. I found another one, the Ghost knot, sold by TurnNShave on Etsy. Just wish they had it in a smaller size, not sure 26mm is going to fit correctly. It looks like it’s the same knot sold on Van Yulay.
  5. For reference... The Cashmere from APShaveCo is in the handle to the far right and the one in the middle is the Angelhair from Milton @ TurnNShave...

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