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van Hagen surprise

The vdh was my first venture into de shaving and I quickly moved to a 39c which is now my daily razor. The vdh is now my travel razor and I find myself w nicks and weepers only when I use it. Is that razor more aggressive, less tolerant or not as rigidly manufactured?
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My experience was similar. I started with the VDH razor and blades, moved on to better equipment and technique, then tried the VDH again. I used a sharp Nacet blade because the VDH is so mild, but kept getting little nips.

I suspect the VDH just doesn’t hold the blade as rigidly. I may try a milder blade, and/or go with the stiff wide KAI and ride the cap.
I think it's more aggressive than the average Weishi. I bought it thinking it would be like a Pawn Star razor (both by Weishi, after all), and was surprised to find it had more of a bite. It seems to hold the blade tight enough. When I treat it like an aggressive razor, I get good shaves out of it.

If you'll notice, the VDH has notches on the center spine, like a Super Speed, while a regular Weishi doesn't. It may be made to different specs.
VDH is what I learned on as well, but I PIF to someone else a couple years ago, so I can't see for myself again unless I re-buy it.

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I use a Weishi 9306c and a VDH in rotation with my vintage razors. They both work well for me with Astra SP blades. I have noticed the end caps on the VDH are slightly bigger and the holes in the base are slightly larger on the VDH.
I went back to my baili TTO a few months ago. I used it the most of any razor when starting out and thought I knew it well. I tried a polsilver in it first time back and had weepers and irritation galore. Had an interview that day so was peeved to say the least as it was going to be my “safe” travel razor. Haven’t touched it since.

I think it is a technique thing in coming back to such a mild razor. We get used to a more efficient razor doing more with less passes and so unconsciously apply too much pressure when using a milder razor. Or that’s my intuition regarding it.

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