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    Hi guys, visiting San Fran to be exact and I'm from Singapore.

    Just wondering what are the AS / AB / Soaps that I can pick up here. I heard CVS and Wallgreens are some of the good place that I maybe able to pick up some good stuff. AoS is near my hotel too.

    Pls advise. Cheers. :001_tongu
  1. Nancy Boy has a store in San Francisco. A unique opportunity as it's their only store.
  2. Nancy Boy, 347 Hayes St., San Francisco, has one of the best shaving creams, and many great products you might like.
  3. OK thanks I'd check out the reviews for Nancy Boy.

    What about the CVS and Wallgreens, there are the Watsons equivalent I heard?

    AoS is it overpriced?
  4. I spent some time in Singapore :) miss the food there so much (nasi lemak, fish head curry.... mmmmmm)!! In some walgreen, you get get van der hagen soap and brush. They sell pinaud aftershave and some nivea aftershave balm. yes cvs and walgreens are like watsons with 24hour pharmacy attached to it.
  5. Walgreens in the city has pretty much nothing, you need to hit the suburban one before you find anything worthwhile.

    Otherwise, check the wiki shopping page, lots of decent links
  6. CVS and Walgreen's?
    They're just simple chain drug stores. They have nothing special for shaving. One brand of blades, no DESR handles that I've ever seen, no straights.
    They have Clubman talc and styptic pen, no alum, and one brand of cheap brush and shaving soap.

    They have a good selection of goo in a can and carts if you swing that way.

    I'm not impressed with AoS. I've been hearing about them for over a year. I finally visited their web site and their prices are insane and selection horrible.
  7. Did you go to Mustaffa's ? They have quite a bit of Wet Shaving products like tabac, omega cheaps .

  8. beginish

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    AoS soaps are some of the finest currently made. Pick up a refill puck, so the cost is not too bad.
  9. You can also get a nice straight razor shave from a Turkish or Italian barber.

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