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V200 Large

Thanks for the great looking pics Dick.

That thing sure appears to have opened up nicely.

I've been playing around with this thing all since this afternoon. So far I can say the tips are the softest of any of the brushes I own, very soft and they feel great on your face. I know it has bloomed a bit but it's not floppy, moppy, or foppy. In fact it would almost qualify as stiff, in that regard I find to be nearly perfect. The tips are very soft, but the shafts are not, think Vulfix vs. Shavemac.

I like my 377 because the bristles are soft, I don't like it becuase the bristles are so soft when I press against my face it splays open and doesn't really rebound. When I'm in the mood for a good scrubbing I grab my Shavemac. Its bristles are soft but not quite soft enough, (for me anyway) when I press it against my face the brush rebounds very well, it does this better than any other brush I own, but I wish the bristles were just a little bit softer. Also, I don't really like the shape of it, a small nit to pick, but pick it I must (it's kinda like a nose that way).

The V200, Shavemaster, brush from CAR, whatever, is almost a perfect happy medium, soft tips, stiff in the shaft, and very comfortable to hold. I know Enchante is marketing the brush as a High Velocity shaving brush but it works quite well with the English creams I have on hand, with and without Da Cube. If I were going to whip up a hard soap it wouldn't be my first choice, the brush is very handle heavy and it doesn't swirl in my mug like my BK8 does.

I don't know and don't really care what grade the badger hair is, it feels good on my face and that's enough for me. Right now I think you're looking at my new everyday cream brush. I need a few more days to put it through the ringer, but at first glance she's a keeper.
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