V-ishw/Challenger Single Edge Razor

Discussion in 'Single Edged Razors' started by sscob1, Jan 18, 2019.

    I just wanted to post an update as discussed from another thread that I received my order today from 1/24/19.

    I did not get a confirmation email regarding shipment of my order.
    It looks like a $2 razor although I haven’t had a chance to use it yet so I can’t comment on how it performs.
  1. For the price and the possibility to use an half blade is interesting in my opinion.
  2. I’ve used mine a couple times and it came out better than expected. It does the job with a half de blade.

    It is quite light but it makes me use a lighter touch, it’s not the best looking razor but it was a smooth 2 pass shave.

    I used a Dorco Prime, I’m curious about the brass handle.
  3. I originally ordered the brass handle version and what was sent to me was a duplicate $2 plastic version (which I had ordered at the same time) and a cheap first version Baili Tech clone which he identified as a Gillette Tech. I seriously believe that the brass handle version is vaporware. I also ordered the mild version for $4 and found out that it was not released yet and got a $2 medium version instead.

    My sincere advice is to be thankful that you got what you ordered and then move on.
  4. Yes, I’m well aware of this which is why I placed a small “test” order before anything else, shipping cost per item was also helpful to keep the order at the minimum.

    Hopefully these would soon be available from other vendors and it would be nice if it was made a little more “robust “ .

    I was curious about the Gillette Tech razors being sold as “new” . I thought it was NOS Gillette because the pictures showed an actual Gillette Tech, sorry you had to pay to find out.

    Does anyone else know of a razor handle that uses half a de blade? I’ve seen the “Focus “ but I’m not really a fan of pivoting heads.
  5. Just an update. I did open a case with Paypal and of course this got the attention of Sheldon. He claims original order shipped (February 4?) and never received my 3 emails (of course he didn't) Apologized and said would ship another razor along with 10 blades. That was 10 days ago and still have not received anything. If nothing received by 2/21 will request a full refund. I totally don't trust this guy and would absolutely never do business with him again.
  6. This little shaver is quite effective.
    More than It looks like at first sight.
    Needs some care, or It'll bite easily.

    This is the reason I do not like hybrid SE.
    DE blades need to be curved, and well rigid to work fine.
  7. I'm surprised it didn't get to eBay already.
  8. I'm thinking of getting it. But on second thoughts about this razor I might just pass. I have the Wilkinson classic which I find an excellent shaver.
  9. I've got it, pros are half blade for a single shave, handle, agility. Cons are chattering of the blade a disconfort versus DE die cast but only during the shave, the post is good no irritation or damage or blood.
  10. Are there any other razors that take half DE blades besides this and the R48? Thank you!
  11. Focus Cumbo an Italian SE not expensive

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