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    New half blade pivoting head plastic single edge razor, it is an Indian Product available in Amazon India, 10-piece for about $4.
    Amazon India product link.

    Global shave club, a Canadian company importing this razors and sells through their website.
    Costs $2 plus shipping(1-piece). They also have more aggressive, less aggressive head and chrome plated brass handle options. I believe the head just slides out and easily replaced with another head.
    Global shave club product link.
    Youtube review video.
    V-ishw Single Edge Plastic Razor-

    The Challenger Single Edge Razor-

  1. "This razor will give you the most amazing shave ever! Guaranteed!"

    Must be true. :001_302:
  2. Looks like a Gillette Guard that can take a half DE blade. Definitely worth looking into.
  3. Just went to their web site. Razor is $2 and a milder or more aggressive version is $4. Chrome plated Brass handle version is $14. Loaded it in my cart and found that flat rate shipping to USA is $14. Okay still have to think about this a while, although the two reviews look good.
  4. Going to keep an eye open on thid one. Any pics of the chrome model?
  5. Shipping to USA is $5 for single item, $2 razor $5 shipping, I am still thinking.:innocent:
  6. It appears that the flat rate price of $5 is per item. I had three items in my cart and so ended up paying $15. I just now went to their web site and ordered one razor and shipping was $5, increased it to 3 and it came out $15, so yes we are both correct.
  7. Glad to know that you've ordered. Your feedback is highly appreciated.
  8. Ordered one yesterday with the more aggressive head. $9 with shipping.
  9. My V-ishw/Challenger order arrived today. I originally ordered one with the chrome plated brass handle (which I assumed was a medium head, a plastic one with a mild head, and one with an aggressive head. What I received was three plastic razor along with a set of Shark half blades, with none of the razors marked with a label or a sticker. Upon close inspection, I see two razors with a "OO" mark at the bottom of the head and in one groove of the under side of the handle, and one razor with three single "O" in the underside of the handle.


    I am not sure what I received. I am assuming that the one with the "OO" is the aggressive one because it shows the blade more forward when loaded (left side).


    The razor bears some resemblance to the Gillette Guard and the head does articulate somewhat, however I believe it might just be tolerance for assembling the head to the handle and not a design feature like the Guard. Blade loading is simple enough as there are enough tabs to hold the blade in place while inserting and alignment of the blade when the cap is closing does not seem to be an issue.


    First shave tonight, and I intend to shave with both, one on each side of my face. Maybe I can figure out what the codes mean, or if there really is any difference.
  10. Ordered one four days ago. A confirmation email said would contact me when shipped. Sent 3 email inquires about the status with no reply. I hope I don't regret making this purchase.
  11. Last time I spoke with him, he did say that the Challenger has been selling out very quickly. I have an email in to him asking what happened to my chrome/brass handle one. In all fairness, he did send me another plastic razor and refunded me $12, but never told me that the reason he did that was because he was out of the brass handle ones (that means that I paid $35 for three plastic razors). We both shall see. If yours eventually show up, maybe we can both crack the code on the handle.
  12. Since I paid via Paypal I have 180 days to dispute a charge. Lets hope I don't have to go that route. I only paid $9 so it not too bad.
  13. Great news, waiting for your review, I will order soon. Razor looks pretty solid built, how strong is the hinge ?
  14. Okay, first shave in the books. First of all, to answer @sscob1 question about the hinge, it is a real hinge where the top cap is molded with holes on the side and the base has corresponding posts and so it is not a one piece bendable plastic which fails when the plastic wears out and tears along the line. Secondly, OO is the more aggressive head, and it is because the guard is rounded downward instead of being rounded outward. Of course this is only until @uptown gets his and can confirm that. Third, the head was NOT designed to articulate like in the Gillette Guard, and fourth, this razor will never be mistaken for a Guard nor an MMOC.

    So on to the shave report. First pass was WTG and the OO, from the first stroke, actually felt more aggressive than the O. It took a couple of strokes, but I was finally able to ride the proper angle of the cap, even though the angle is given. It seems that the light weight of the razor made it hard to find initially. I had no problem with the milder side as I had already figured things out by starting with the more aggressive razor. The OO did clean up my face a little better after the first pass, but it was a little harsher. Because most of the heavy whiskers were cleared after the first pass, the ATG pass went just as well with both razors, and the harshness of the OO razor was not as apparent, but nor was the efficiency. Both needed an XTG pass for the bottom half of my face, which most of my other razors do not need, but in the end it was a near BBS.

    Overall, it is a very efficient razor and there is a difference in the feel between the aggressive head and what I believe to be the medium head, however the feel does not translate into more efficiency. I suspect that the version with the brass handle would have produced better results because of the added weight, but I can't know for sure because that was the version that was not sent to me (and without me being told that it wouldn't).

    Word of caution if you decide to order this razor - the $5 flat rate shipping is per ITEM and not per ORDER. What this means is that if you buy a $2 Challenger, you pay $2 + $5 shipping. If you buy three Challengers, you pay $6 + $15 shipping. I got bit not realizing that until after my order went through.
  15. Thank you:a12:
  16. I hope in Amazon Marketplace in Europe for this interesting razor
    Cheap and simply
    Half double edge blade, not necessary the most expensives single blades.
  17. update: After waiting 14 days and sending 3 emails with no response I put in a claim with Paypal and sure enough I heard from Sheldon. Claims shipped razor to me with no tracking. Denies receiving any of my emails regarding shipping. Said possible package is lost. Offered to send me another razor along with blades. I agreed to the re-shipping of another razor. Not sure if Sheldon is overwhelmed with orders or is a fraud. In any event I don't care if this is the greatest shaving razor of all times I am done with this company.
  18. I wrote them off after my experience when they never informed me of swapping razors instead of asking what I wanted. Having shaved with the razor a couple of times (both with the aggressive head and what I think is the medium head), I can assure you that this is NOT the greatest shaving razor of all times, nor does it beat out a lot of below $10 razors coming from China (or RR/Maggard). Live and learn.
  19. I agree. I also think the guy who does the review is scamming us. He does reviews of their other razors as well. If I ever get the razor will probably just give it away.

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